When businesses face disputes with each other, parties must find a legal solution that is fair and equitable. That is why professional third-party arbitrators exist - to provide businesses with a fast and effective alternative to litigation in resolving their disputes. In New York, arbitrators must have specialist knowledge of the local laws, regulations, and customs in order to apply the right resolution.

This article explains what an arbitrator is, and why businesses should consider engaging an experienced professional with local expertise in New York rather than pursuing a more costly and drawn-out litigation experience. We also discuss the advantages of partnering with an online legal platform such as UpCounsel, which offers businesses access to highly experienced and well-rated local lawyers.

What is an Arbitrator?

An arbitrator is a professional third-party appointed to mediate disputes between two or more companies. This individual is typically a trained and accredited lawyer, usually with extensive experience in specific areas of law relevant to the dispute.

Arbitrators are sometimes referred to as "neutral arbitrators", as they are unbiased and do not side with any party. The aim of an arbitrator is to review the opposing arguments in a dispute and to find a resolution that is acceptable to both sides.

As an alternative to the traditional court process, the role of an arbitrator is to offer a speedy, cost-effective resolution to a dispute outside of the courtroom. They are unlikely to be swayed by either party in a dispute, and instead look to uncover the truth and make an impartial decision.

Advantages of Arbitration

Arbitration offers several advantages over traditional litigation. Firstly, it is less expensive and generally quicker than going to court. This is because the entire process can take place in private, without the need for expensive and lengthy court applications.

The arbitrators role is to understand the dispute and to provide a solution in a fair and equitable manner, with an outcome that is binding on both parties. This process also offers privacy and confidentiality, which can protect both parties from reputation damage in the event of a dispute.

Finally, arbitration processes typically allow parties to reach a settlement without the need for long and costly court proceedings. This means that both parties can save time and money by agreeing to settle the issue with an arbitrator’s decision.

Selecting an Arbitrator in New York

When selecting an arbitrator, it is important to ensure that the party has experience and expertise in the local laws and regulations in New York. This is important as the arbitrator will need to be able to understand the nuances of the state’s laws in order to deliver a fair and equitable decision.

It is also beneficial to ensure that the party you select is experienced in dealing with the type of dispute you have. This can help to ensure that the decision is well reasoned and just.

Advantages of Using UpCounsel for Businesses in New York

Businesses in New York have the option to partner with UpCounsel, which provides access to hundreds of experienced lawyers who have a local understanding of the state’s laws. The platform makes it easy to find and appoint a suitable lawyer for any type of dispute a business may face.

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Businesses in New York have the option to work with UpCounsel to partner with a highly experienced and well-rated arbitrator who understands the local regulations. Our platform is designed to make the process of finding and engaging the right lawyer as straightforward yet flexible as possible. This makes finding a legal solution to your business disputes faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

In the end

When companies face disputes, having access to an experienced third-party arbitrator can provide businesses with a swift and cost-effective solution to resolving the issue. In New York, it is important that the appointed arbitrator has specialist knowledge of the region’s laws, regulations, and legal customs in order to deliver a fair and equitable decision.

For businesses in New York, UpCounsel can provide the perfect solution. Our platform gives businesses access to experienced local lawyers on demand, meaning clients no longer need to commit to expensive, long-term relationships or high retainer fees. As well as offering access to top-caliber attorneys, UpCounsel also provides ratings and reviews of our lawyers’ work for complete peace of mind.



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