Doing business in Los Angeles requires knowledgeable legal counsel as the reason for the complexity of local regulations requires specialized attention. One of the most important documents you will need to understand in Los Angeles is the quit claim deed (QCD). A QCD enables the transfer of title and interest in real estate, articulating the recipient's ownership of a given property. In Los Angeles, the QCD must be recorded with the county recorder's office to avoid any disputes or potential misstep. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the terms of the deed are that of the current owner's to guarantee valid ownership of the property in question.

While the completion of a QCD and its subsequent recording can be done on one's own, the expertise of a Los Angeles attorney with experience in real estate law is recommended for even the simplest of real estate transactions. The signing and notarizing of the QCD must be accomplished with the utmost accuracy, thoroughness, and precision as its contents— from the language, to the signatures, to the notarization— are of great importance and must be free from adhesion to maintain validity.

Why is Legal Representation So Important?

With real estate transactions and associated legal requirements, it is essential to have the experienced guidance of an attorney in Los Angeles. An experienced attorney will be able to review and explain the deed in plain language and in detail to his or her client, providing sufficient understanding to the client and preparing them for any further transactions. Legal representation from an experienced attorney can also assist in the avoidance of fraudulent activity and protect both parties from potential misunderstandings or miscommunications concerning the deed.

What's more, an experienced attorney will be knowledgeable of the pertinent local laws pertaining to the transfer of title and interest in Los Angeles, and will be able to advise their client accordingly. This is not only to guarantee legal authority of the transaction, but also to secure the prospective buyer from potential wrongdoings.

What Does an Attorney Do with a Quit Claim Deed?

An attorney will review and explain the contents of the QCD, which will include the description of the property, any additional restrictions from the seller (i.e. penalty fees if payment is late) and the current owner's rights. The attorney will also ensure that the proper filing and recording is done with the county recorder's office as well as the Internal Revenue Service, to ensure that the transfer and payment of taxes are done in a timely manner.

An attorney will also work to safeguard the rights of both the seller and buyer in the transaction. Both parties will receive certain rights and the attorney should ensure that both understand these rights and the potential consequences— from paying property taxes, to insurance, to the failure to maintain the property— associated with the transaction.

How Can UpCounsel Help?

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