At-will employment is a major concept in the laws regulating the hiring and firing of employees in the United States, particularly the state of Texas, which has a significant open-economy at-will employment law that applies to almost all employers. Dallas is no exception, with a legal system that respects the principles of at-will employment while affording certain rights and obligations to all members of the workforce. It is important for all residents of Dallas, as well as for any business owner, to remain informed of the laws that impact at-will employment to ensure compliance and a smooth business transaction.

The term ‘at-will’ refers to the legal doctrine that employers may fire at any time, for any legal reason, and without warning. This means that, unless an employee has a contract, they will typically be hired under at-will employment. At-will employment is common in a variety of industries in Dallas, such as hospitality, retail, finance, medical practices, law, and engineering.

Typically, employers hire employees at-will not only because it is legally permissible, but because it gives them greater flexibility in their staffing decisions. For instance, an employer may have an immediate need to fill a certain position, and may hire someone at-will in order to meet that need. Additionally, at-will employment permits employers to quickly and easily terminate workers in cases such as performance problems, changes in management, policy changes, or other considerations.

At-will employees in Dallas are generally protected under the state’s Open Economy Employment Act (OEEA). This act protects employees from being wrongfully terminated due to discrimination, retaliation, or other illegal reasons. The OEEA also stipulates that employees may not be fired for refusing to participate in any criminal activity, or for filing a complaint or lawsuit against an employer.

Additionally, The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), which regulates labor laws in the state, stipulates that the same laws and regulations governing at-will employment also apply to ‘implied contracts.’ An implied contract is one that is assumed to exist, even though it is not explicitly stated. This means that an employee may not be fired for simply stating something like ‘I’ll work for you as long as you need me,’ even if no written contract was established.

Though Dallas employers that hire at-will employees are not required to provide severance packages, they may choose to do so in order to avoid potential legal complications. In this case, an employer can provide a severance agreement that protects both the employee and the employer. Depending on their specific business objectives and the terms of the agreement, employers may provide a lump sum sum payment, salary continuation, or some combination of both in order to protect both employer and employee.

In addition to employee protections, Dallas at-will employers are also subject to certain restrictions. For instance, employers may not apply certain policies that are seen as excessively restrictive, such as firing employees who work for competing businesses, or who interact with the media. Such restrictions may vary from city to city, and are designed to protect workers from abuse and mistreatment.

To ensure compliance with the OEEA and other applicable laws in Dallas, employers should be aware of the various at-will employee protections that are available. Employers who are uncertain of the laws in their area are advised to seek the assistance of a qualified business attorney to help them navigate the legal complexities of at-will employment. Business attorneys familiar with the regulations in Dallas can provide legal advice that is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of a business, and help employers make decisions that are in compliance with the law.


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