If you own, operate, or are starting a business in the Los Angeles area, you may be looking to gain legal protection for your logo, which may represent, signal, or showcase the unique identity of your company. Securing a trademark offers a critical layer of legal protection and is worth considering if your logo marks a company or product, you intend to expand into other markets, or you want to stand out from the competition.

The process of trademarking a logo within Los Angeles can be complex, and to ensure the best possible outcome, it is essential to consider several factors to guarantee your logo is trademarked correctly and stands up to applicable trademark law. This article will discuss some of the top considerations to keep in mind when it comes to trademarking a logo, locally or beyond.

1. Identify a Solid Use Case

Whether here in Los Angeles or another city, the best and most practical way to trademark a logo is to first identify a solid use-case that relies on that logo. Common uses can include use on products, services, or customer identification. Whichever the case, a clear use-case must be identified to best determine what kind of legal protection is most appropriate for the logo.

2. Research Existing Trademarks for Similar Logos

Regardless of its use-case, serious consideration must be given to the potential conflict with the brand or logo of another. As one of the primary factors in trademark protection, the logo must be distinct enough from all existing trademarks to meet the legal threshold. Researching and understanding similar existing trademarks can be a complicated task, and getting assistance from a trademark lawyer may be in order.

3. Create a Variation or Alternate Design

For marks similar to yours already in legal standing, an alternate design may be required. This could mean creating a unique font, changing colors, or tweaking elements of the logo in any other way. Intended customers or clients should be able to adequately distinguish your logo from existing ones, allowing your logo to become a viable candidate for trademark protection.

4. Choose the Appropriate Class

The classes of a trademark determine the breadth of protection offered. It is critical to select the proper class that best matches your logo’s use-case and the product or services your business provides. wiser entrepreneurs engage a trademark attorney to help select the most appropriate class when filing.

5. File in the Correct Geographic Locations

Local laws and regulations may mean filing the trademark across multiple geographical areas, regions, and cities. A trademark attorney can help navigate the registration process including, in Los Angeles, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Applying for trademark protection in multiple jurisdictions is, in certain cases, extremely important for verifying the protection of your logo in the most comprehensive manner possible.

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