When an innovative idea is developed, it is essential for a company or individual to protect that idea from being copied or imitated. A patent is a form of legal protection given to the originator of a new idea, process, product, or machine that grants that originator the sole right to produce or manufacture the invention for a set period of time. In New York, obtaining a patent is a complicated process. To ensure the highest success rate, it’s essential to consider the following things when beginning the patent application process.

The first and arguably most important thing to consider when determining whether or not to obtain a patent in New York is whether or not the invention is applicable for patent protection. There are several prerequisites to receive a patent. The invention must be new, have a concrete utility, and not be obvious when compared to other existing inventions. A patent attorney can assist with evaluating whether or not the invention meets the requirements to obtain a patent.

The second thing to consider when obtaining a patent in New York is the cost of the process. Filing for a patent can be a long, complex and costly process. The cost of obtaining a patent will depend largely on the type of patent being applied for, the complexity of the invention, and the amount of research and preparation that goes into filing the application. It’s essential to have a budget for the patent application process to ensure the best success rate.

The third thing to consider when obtaining a patent in New York is the depth of research and preparation needed. Since filing for a patent is a complex process, it’s important for an applicant to be diligent in preparing for the application process. This includes researching similar patents to ensure the invention is unique, preparing the patent application, and gathering evidence of the invention’s novelty.

The fourth thing to consider when obtaining a patent in New York is the timeline of the process. The duration of the patent application process will vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the preparation of the application. In New York, the process can take anywhere from 8 to 12 months.

The fifth and final thing to consider when obtaining a patent in New York is seeking professional legal counsel. When applying for a patent, it is essential to hire a patent attorney. Experienced patent attorneys are knowledgeable in patent laws and patent procedures, and can provide insight on the application process, assist with the preparation of the application, research related patents, and provide advice on other matters related to the invention.

Obtaining a patent in New York can be a complex and costly process. For highest success rate, an applicant should consider the things discussed in this article such as the credibility of the invention, amount of research and preparation needed, timeline of the patent process and the professional advice of an experienced patent attorney. To ensure successful filing of a patent application, legal assistance is essential. Seeking the counsel of an experienced patent attorney that is knowledgeable about the regulations in New York is essential for the highest success rate. UpCounsel’s network of experienced lawyers has you covered when seeking specialized and knowledgeable counsel about obtaining a patent in New York. UpCounsel’s experienced attorneys offer comprehensive legal support throughout the patent application process, from filing for a patent to obtaining the protection of the invention.


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