When setting up a business in New York, it is essential to have a clear understanding of how to properly register and protect your trademarks. To ensure your intellectual property is adequately protected, there are five key points to consider when establishing trademarks in New York. Understanding the details of what it means to register, define, and use trademarks in the state is vital for any business, big or small.

Trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This federal registration grants exclusive usage rights to the trademark holder throughout the United States. However, New York has its own regulations for registering and defining trademarks to be legally recognized in the state. Businesses must properly register their trademarks with the New York State Division of Corporations and maintain their registration to maintain the strength and enforceability of the trademarks throughout New York. Ensuring trademarks are properly registered is the first step in protecting a business’s intellectual property.

When filing for a trademark with New York, the symbol ™ or the phrase “Trademarked By” must be used on goods and promotional materials to indicate that an organization has registered the trademark. Additionally, a business is not allowed to make any misrepresentation of the trademark, such as misusing it to even loosely related products. It is also essential to choose a trademark that will be strong and recognizable when marketed to the public. Businesses must also be aware that a forbidden or generic trademark is not eligible for registration.

New York also has specific regulations when it comes to conducting proper research prior to selecting a trademark. Businesses should double check to ensure the phrases they want to trademark do not infringe on prior intellectual property of another party. Furthermore, businesses should also research both statewide and nationwide to make sure their desired phrase or logo is not locally already in use.

When registering or defining a trademark in the state of New York it is important to be aware of the class categorization system used in the state. To properly register a trademark, it is important to select the specific category of merchandise that the trademark will cover. It is also necessary to ensure that the chosen class is correct to avoid confusion and potential infringement claims later on.

Lastly, businesses must be aware of the various types of trademark protection available to them in New York. There are various levels of protection, from registering a trademark as a basic trademark or symbol to registering a trademark in its specific class. Each type of trademark protection provides different levels of protection under the law. Additionally, businesses must also be aware of the trademark cancellation process as the trademark must be canceled for it to stop being enforceable.

Ultimately, when defining trademarks in New York, it is essential to ensure proper registration with the USPTO, use of federally registered symbols, conduct thorough research, class categorization, and understand the various levels of protection available to protect the intellectual property. Accessing experienced legal counsel is a great resource to keep up with the constantly changing trademark regulations in the state of New York. It is essential for businesses to be well-versed in the fundamental steps to ensure their trademarks are properly registered and recognized in the state.



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