For business owners in Chicago, the idea of receiving an Employer Identification Number, often referred to as an EIN, can seem daunting. Applying for an EIN is something that all business owners should consider to protect their company’s interests. Before beginning the process of acquiring an EIN, there are several things to consider. This article will provide the top five considerations to make before chasing an EIN in Chicago.

When going over the five points below, it’s important to keep in mind the local taxation and regulatory climate in Chicago. Applicants will need to understand the differences between state, municipal, and federal regulations and how this might affect their businesses. Therefore, for businesses that are registered to operate only in Chicago, legal counsel experienced in Chicago business law should be consulted.

The first thing to consider when applying for an EIN is the type of business entity. It’s important to identify which business formation best suits the needs of the company based on elements like the nature of the business, the projected taxes the company expects to pay, and the architecture of the business’s internal management system. Each entity type carries different EIN requirements and implications.

Next, the applicant must understand what information is needed to apply for the EIN. This includes the basic information of the company’s contact information and owner details, but can also include other pieces of data, depending on the entity type for which the applicant is applying. For example, if the applicant is filing as a corporation, then the company’s legal name, date of incorporation, the state of incorporation, and other data points may be required.

The applicant needs to keep in mind the costs associated with an EIN. Generally speaking, applying for an EIN is a free service provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but as previously mentioned, the costs for professional assistance in understanding the implications of the different entity types associated with the EIN can vary significantly. Applicants should determine if they have the knowledge to file the application themselves or if it is better to secure the help of a professional.

Finally, the process for obtaining an EIN must be addressed. While the process is relatively straightforward in most cases, applicants should double-check the paperwork to ensure everything is complete. In most cases, applicants may opt to fill out an online form for their application, but it is also possible to submit a form by mail. In some instances, applicants can even obtain an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service without having to file the paperwork or document for the entity.

Considering the top five points above before obtaining an EIN will help ensure the success of the application and protect the business from any missteps. As it is likely to significantly impact a company’s activity and finances, obtaining an EIN requires a comprehensive understanding of the local regulations and the business itself. With this in mind, businesses in Chicago should consult experienced attorneys to guide them through the maze of state, municipal, and federal regulations.


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