When considering the protection of your business in the state of Los Angeles, securing a trademark is a wise decision. A trademark is a symbol of your brand-name or logo. It is an important asset to any business and, without the proper registration of a trademark, your business could be at risk. Trademarks are legally recognized and are protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This means that when a business is registered with a trademark, the business is automatically protected under federal trademark law.

Therefore, if you are seeking legal counsel to understand and administer your trademark registration in the Los Angeles area, you could benefit from seeking out legal advice from experienced attorneys in the field. UpCounsel's network of experienced lawyers is well-suited to provide the necessary guidance for trademark registration in Los Angeles. Not only do these attorneys offer their expert knowledge to ensure that the trademark registration meets legal requirements, but they also provide assistance in protecting the brand identity of your business.

In this article we will delve into the value and benefits of a registered trademark in Los Angeles and the process of acquiring one. Additionally, we discuss why seeking legal counsel is crucial in ensuring the rights of your company are protected.

The Value and Benefits of a Registered Trademark

A trademark is a symbol of protection for a business. It identifies the “source of the goods or services” and serves as a brand identifier that distinguishes one company or product from another. A trademark is incredibly helpful for businesses as it:

Protects company name/brand/logo from unauthorised use

Can increase business opportunities

Increases customer loyalty

Can be used as a form of payment

Gives a reassurance of quality control and product standards

The registration of a trademark is especially important when expanding your business ventures to new markets. Legal counsel from UpCounsel is a crucial first step in trademark registration process and will provide the required knowledge for the application process and the protection of your trademark rights. In addition, providing legal advice when expanding your business and entering new markets puts your company in a much better position to handle sudden changes and unforeseen legal issues. This is extremely important in the ever-changing legal landscape in Los Angeles, who have recently introduced brand-loyalty laws geared towards protecting local businesses.

The Process of Acquiring a Trademark in Los Angeles

Once you have established the need to register a trademark in Los Angeles, the first action would be to contact a lawyer to discuss the application process. UpCounsel’s network of business attorneys have experience in aiding clients in the obtaining of trademarks in Los Angeles. The lawyers will assess your requirements and provide the support throughout the whole process.

The next stage is to conduct a thorough search of existing trademarks to ensure that your designation is not be duplicated. This task requires knowledge and legal training, as it involves comparing the potential mark to others to ensure that it is not too similar. Once that particular process is complete, a trademark application must be filed with the USPTO.

The application process consists of several steps:

Choose a name and logo for the trademark

Complete and submit the application form

Pay the required application fee

Supporting documentation

Communicate with the USPTO

Manage the paperwork during the registration process

All of these stages that involve precedent decisions and communication may be overwhelming, and this is where UpCounsel’s network of attorneys specialize.

To conclude

When it comes to your business in the Los Angeles area, registering for a trademark is a necessity to ensure that your business is properly protected. UpCounsel’s network of experienced business lawyers can provide the tailored legal advice that is needed to register and protect your trademark.

If you are attempting to protect your business in the Los Angeles area with a registered trademark, contact UpCounsel to be connected with business lawyers experienced in trademark registration in Los Angeles.


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