When starting a business, it is important to know what type of business entity will best suit your needs. There are several business structures to choose from, including corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). The decision of which to choose depends largely on the purpose of your business, your resources, and the regulations in the area-specifically, for businesses starting in Chicago. This article will discuss how to determine whether you should start a corporation or an LLC in Chicago.

In order to understand the basics of LLCs and corporations, it’s important to know the differences between the two. An LLC is a relatively new form of business entity that combines the limited liability protection of a corporation with the pass-through taxation benefits of a partnership or sole proprietorship. An LLC is managed by members of the LLC or, in some cases, by a manager that is appointed. LLCs protect their owners' private assets and allow for pass-through taxation of business income to the members, so taxes are paid only once. This makes LLCs an attractive choice for many small business owners.

Corporations, on the other hand, are legally separate from their owners and are managed by a board of directors. This means that a corporation’s owners are not personally responsible for its liabilities and your assets will not be at risk if your corporation is sued. Corporations also offer owners several tax advantages over LLCs, which can be beneficial depending on the nature of your business.

When deciding between an LLC and a corporation for your business in Chicago, the most important factor to consider is the purpose of your business. LLCs are best suited for businesses that require limited personal liability protection and pass-through taxation benefits. In contrast, corporations are better suited for businesses that need greater financial resources, as they can attract investments more easily and undertake riskier activities than LLCs can.

It is also important to consider the regulations in your area when deciding between an LLC and a corporation. In Chicago, corporations are subject to a more rigorous filing process and must comply with additional regulations related to financing, investors, and corporate governance, which can add administrative costs and paperwork. LLCs, on the other hand, are subject to fewer regulations and require less paperwork, which can reduce administrative costs.

Once you have determined which type of business entity best suits your needs, it is important to find the right legal support. For businesses starting in Chicago, UpCounsel can provide access to experienced business lawyers who are knowledgeable about local regulations. UpCounsel’s network of exclusive attorneys can help you address any legal questions you may have as you form your business.

Whether you choose to form a corporation or an LLC, it is important to take the time to research the various legal structures available and determine which type of business entity is best suited for your business. With the right guidance, you can make an informed decision that will help protect your assets and maximize the success of your business.


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