Registering a trademark is a complex undertaking, involving complex legal considerations and paperwork. Dallas businesses should only trust their applications to experienced professionals who understand local regulations. UpCounsel is the online destination of choice for business owners who want access to experienced attorneys, allowing them to easily find the counsel they need.

A trademark is a symbol, slogan, name, or logo used to identify the goods of one seller from those of another. Your trademark is your brand, and it’s essential to protecting your intellectual property. As a business grows, its market presence and name value increases, and registering your trademark is a way to protect what makes you distinctive.

One of the benefits of registering a trademark is protection from potential infringement. If someone else uses a similar design or logo to identify their goods, it could confuse customers as to who made the goods or from whom they should purchase them, causing the potential for harm to your business and reputation.

To register your trademark, you should first conduct a thorough trademark search. A trademark search is designed to discover whether your trademark is already in use by someone else — either in the same or similar form. If so, you should choose an alternate, distinctive trademark to register.

Next, you need to decide whether you want to register your trademark with the state, federal, or both levels of government. Different types of trademarks are registered in different ways. If you are a small business – a sole proprietor, LLC, or corporation – then you may want to consider registering your trademark with the state of Texas.

In addition, if your business operates across multiple states or within one state, you may want to consider seeking federal registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One of the primary benefits of filing a federal application is that it prohibits others from registering your trademark in other states.

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