Incorporating your business is an important decision, and for Los Angeles businesses, it’s especially important to know the California-specific laws and regulations that come along with the incorporation process. Fortunately, the state of California and many other California-specific legal resources can provide the answers to commonly asked questions and help you through the incorporation process.

Incorporation is a complex process, and it can often be a long, drawn-out process in larger cities such as Los Angeles. It is important for any business to make sure they fully understand the legal implications of incorporating before they move forward with the process. This article will provide frequently asked questions about incorporation in Los Angeles, what to consider during the incorporation process, and how UpCounsel can provide experienced business attorneys to help with the process.

What Is The Difference Between A Subchapter S Corporation And A C Corporation?

When it comes to incorporation, there are two types of corporations: C Corporations and Subchapter S Corporations. A C Corporation is designed to limit the personal liability of people involved in the company for debts, lawsuits, or other obligations of the corporation. A Subchapter S Corporation, on the other hand, is a corporation that is taxed as a pass-through entity. This means that the shareholders of the company are taxed on their personal income, but the corporation itself does not pay any taxes.

What Are The Advantages Of Forming An LLC?

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is an unincorporated business entity that blends the features of a corporation with those of a sole proprietorship or partnership. An LLC in California offers some significant advantages over corporations, such as:

• Limited liability for the business's members and managers, meaning that members are not personally liable for the business's obligations;

• Easier and less expensive to form and maintain;

• Flexible management structures, meaning you can have one or more managers who operate the business, and

• Pass-through taxation, meaning that the company's profits are taxed at the individual's personal level.

Do I Need An Attorney To Incorporate In Los Angeles?

Yes, it is always recommended to work with an experienced attorney when incorporating your business, especially in a large city like Los Angeles. An experienced attorney can help ensure that your business is in compliance with all the necessary laws and regulations. Additionally, an attorney can help you navigate any unexpected challenges that may arise when incorporating and running a business in Los Angeles.

Fortunately, there are experienced business attorneys in the UpCounsel network who are well versed in the California-specific rules and regulations that come along with incorporating a business in Los Angeles. These experienced attorneys can provide the technical, legal, and operational expertise necessary to help you with the incorporation process.

What Forms Will I Need To Complete When Incorporating In Los Angeles?

When incorporating in Los Angeles, there are several forms that need to be completed. These forms include a Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, and an Incorporators' Statement. Additionally, the business must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number, and may need to obtain a California Form LLC-1 or an LLC-5 for the State of California.


Incorporating a business in Los Angeles can be a complex process, and having an experienced attorney to help with the process can be invaluable. UpCounsel’s network of experienced business attorneys has the experience and knowledge to help you with the incorporation process. If you are looking for legal help in Los Angeles, trust UpCounsel for experienced attorneys to guide you through the process.



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