Use a patent databases list to search for existing patents, documents, trademarks, intellectual property data, and other information. Below are a handful of important patent databases, but keep in mind the number of databases around is the world is quite extensive and exceeds this short list. It may help to search for patents based on either the country of origin or the field of industry (such as biotechnology or agriculture).

Multinational Databases

The following is a list of databases that are compiled from multinational patent data. While it can be helpful to search multinational databases to increase the range of relative patents, each database is not 100 percent comprehensive. As such, it's best to search more than one multinational database to confirm your query.

  • DEPATISnet: This free database offers bibliographic information from an increasing amount of patent-issuing countries (EP, FR, GB, WO, US, CH), plus full-text PDFs of German patents and related documents. The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) is responsible for maintaining this database.
  • Derwent World Patents Index: This extensive database is comprised of value-added patent records and is the most comprehensive database of its kind published in the world.
  • Dialog: This online records service features over one billion records, including detailed technical and scientific data, trademarks, patents, and additional intellectual property records.
  • EAPATIS: This is the home of the Eurasian Patent Organisation, which grants free access to abstracts and bibliographic data related to EAPO patents and paid access to the full details of patents from thirty issuing authorities, including former Soviet Union countries, Soviet Union patents and documents dating from 1924, and the EAPO.
  • Google Patents: Naturally, Google also offers a public, global patent search engine, featuring full-text translation and CPC-classified non-patent literature from its related branches (Google Scholar and Google Books).
  • Patent Lens: Search this free database from the Australian Cambia organization, which allows full text and patent status search of WO, AU, EP, and US patents.
  • Extensive and free patent search site.

Online Official Journals or Single Authority Databases

Below is a list of some of the prominent databases either from a single authority (usually an individual country's record system) or official journals that are available online. If you need patent information pertaining to a particular country, be sure to search that country's database. Intellogist has an interactive map displaying national patent search systems.

  • Auspat: This is the newest Australian patent (and patent status) database, intended to eventually replace older systems.
  • Argentina has a searchable patent journal with issues dating from 2004.
  • Search biologic patents relating to drugs from over 60 biotechnology businesses, which include over 2,800 active and expired US patents and over 41,000 international patents.
  • JP-NETe: Find Japanese unexamined patents from as far back as 1989, including bibliographies and abstracts with complete citations and status. Records are available in English. In addition, there's no time delay in the date of publication.
  • Using natural relationships, search US patents.
  • USPTO Patent Databases: Search the US official patent database website, which includes separate databases for published applications and granted patents. In addition, the database includes design patents (which would be known as "registered designs" in other countries), defensive documents, statutory invention registrations, and plant patents. See more information below.

USPTO Patent Database

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has its own patent database, which is a fantastic resource for searching patents from the U.S. The data base is free to use and makes available full text and image of domestic patents and applications from 1790 until the present day.

For records between 1790 and 1975, you may search by:

  • date
  • patent number
  • classification number

For records from 1976 until now, you may search by:

  • application date
  • issue date
  • patent number
  • inventor's name
  • business name
  • technical components of the patent

There are a few branches of the USPTO that focus on different fields. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is focused on new energy technologies. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is focused on drug development and drug products. PatentDocs lists recent patents filed through the USPTO.

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