A Guide on How to Obtain a New Zealand Work Visa

Learn more about a New Zealand work visa, who it's for, the requirements, and process for obtaining one to temporarily work and travel in New Zealand.

Who is a New Zealand Work Visa for?

Temporary work visas are for people who have a job offer from a New Zealand employer, are going to New Zealand for a purpose or event, want to gain work experience after studying in New Zealand, or want to join a partner to work in New Zealand.

You do not need a work visa in New Zealand if you are a citizen or resident, additionally if you are an Australian citizen you will not need a work visa. Moreover, work visits involving business negotiations, short-term sales trips and work for official trade recognized by the New Zealand government will not require a work visa.

Requirements to get a New Zealand Work Visa

Several requirements are needed for all applicants to meet in order to obtain a temporary work visa. The applicant must be in good health, have a valid passport, comply with the law while visiting etc. A full list will be on the New Zealand government’s website, which is where you will go to apply as well.

New Zealand visas will break down into various categories depending on the type of work.

The Silver Fern categories are for highly skilled people who have recognized qualifications for long-term skilled employment. If an employer does not fall under any specialist category then you will want to apply under the Essential Skills work category.

Tour guides, student work-study programs as well as seasonal employees will all have different visa categories. A flow chart on the New Zealand government’s website will show all of these categories, give the application process and provide the requirements for each.

Need help obtaining a New Zealand Work Visa?

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