Operating a business in Los Angeles involves knowing the complexities of the legal framework that applies to a particular enterprise and being able to use legal documents to comply fully with the regulations in place. Entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the applicable laws can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of documents and the details that come with them. Though understanding and utilizing legal documents is no easy task, the good news is that there are experienced lawyers that specialize in local regulation who are available to help.

When businesses need experienced counsel to understand and adhere to local legal requirements, UpCounsel is an ideal resource. With access to high quality attorneys on demand, companies of all sizes can obtain the legal help they need through the UpCounsel network. Our attorney profiles show client ratings and reviews of recent work, allowing clients to quickly find an experienced lawyer with a successful track record. Business attorneys who are part of UpCounsel’s lawyer network typically have an average of 14 years experience, giving clients confidence in their selection.

When seeking legal help for their businesses, many entrepreneurs start with a one time consults or a contractual freelance legal department. Consulting for a one-time consult for an immediate issue can be highly helpful. The legal help offered by UpCounsel for one time consults can range from having a lawyer review contracts or answer basic legal questions, to drafting a wide variety of legal documents. The consultations allow clients to remain in control and determine the scope of the project that needs to be completed.

For those companies who anticipate needing consistent legal assistance over an extended period, it can be beneficial for them to invest in a freelance legal department. This type of arrangement is especially beneficial for growing startups. Instead of taxing their limited resources and capital on expenses like employee benefits, permanent office space, and technology, outsourcing their legal department allows them to direct focus and resources on the core areas of their operations.

Essential legal documents that businesses in Los Angeles should be aware of include contracts, corporate documents, and intellectual property documents. Contracts are an important component of any business transaction as they set forth the expectations and obligations of all parties involved in the agreement. It is important for contracts to be customized to fit the project, and to list the specific details of each entity’s responsibilities.

New businesses should also become familiar with the different types of corporate documents. They include articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, and board of director resolutions. These documents form the legal framework for organizing the business, defining the roles of each member, and allowing shareholders and directors to sign documents that bind the business.

Intellectual property documents are also required for the establishment and protection of a business. A trademark is critical to the reputation of a business since it signifies the brand and differentiates it from its competition. A copyright protects the creative works of businesses such as published work, artwork, software code, and other materials that the business creates. A patent, meanwhile, prevents other parties from using an invention without permission and is necessary for products that are original and unique in their design.

All business endeavors require legal documents to ensure compliance and protect the interests of the enterprise. To find the right lawyers for their venture, entrepreneurs can utilize the reliable attorney network found in UpCounsel. Our experienced lawyers have years of experience in the legal landscape specific to Los Angeles, giving companies the confidence of a secure business setup.


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