Non-profits organizations in Los Angeles have to manage the complexity of state and federal regulations. As a non-profit, you are expected to conform to regulations or risk facing tax penalties or even legal action. It’s important for organizations to understand the state's and federal regulations and guidelines that apply to their operations. To make the management of legal issues easier, organizations can look into partnering with an experienced legal team. In Los Angeles, businesses can turn to UpCounsel for help navigating the complex regulations.

State and Federal Regulations

Non-profits in Los Angeles are subject to a range of regulations from the state and federal governments, including laws on tax exemption, reporting, disclosure, fundraising, and more. Understandably, it can be difficult for organizations to know exactly which regulations apply to them. It’s important for them to stay up to date with any changes to the laws, and take appropriate action.

At the state level, organizations should research and be familiar with California State Law, which includes the Contract Code, Corporations Code, Environmental Quality Act, Financial Code, Franchise Tax Law, Government Code, Corporations Code, and other rules related to organization and operation. The California Secretary of State is a good resource for regulations and information specific to the state.

On the federal level, organizations should be aware of laws such as the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), which is the primary body of law governing the operation of non-profits. The IRS has numerous online resources regarding federal laws for charitable and non-profit organizations. Additionally, organizations should be familiar with relevant labor laws and regulations including those pertaining to taxes, employee health policies, and pay/hour laws.

UpCounsel Resources

UpCounsel offers a range of legal services specialized for non-profits. Organizations can access attorneys who have extensive experience in non-profit regulations in Los Angeles and across California. Using UpCounsel, businesses can get legal documents specific to their operations, advice, and legal representation on any related matters.

Non-profits can also use UpCounsel’s network of attorneys to find counsel with expertise in the state and federal laws that apply to their operations. The online profiles for each attorney on UpCounsel detail their experience, ratings, and reviews from recent clients. This makes it easy to identify an attorney that fits the non-profit’s needs and budget.

For non-profits just getting started in Los Angeles, UpCounsel can help with the registration and incorporation process. An attorney can explain to the business founders the step-by-step process involved in setting up a non-profit organization, as well as the significant benefits that come with it.

At every stage during their operations, organizations can use UpCounsel’s resources to stay compliant with the relevant laws. This helps ensure they operate with integrity, maintain their good standing with the authorities, and avoid any legal troubles.


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