The Windy City is no stranger to complex legal regulations — particularly for businesses. Compliance with the various state and federal laws requires expertise, strategy, and, often, help from external professionals. If you’re based in the Chicago area and looking for an experienced attorney to provide counsel for your business, you’re in the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify and assess quality legal counsel for businesses by considering the following topics:

Understanding the Value of Professional Business Counsel

Before committing to hiring a business lawyer, it’s important to understand their full worth and the value they can bring to businesses — whether that’s assisting with regulations, litigating, mediating a dispute, or researching the latest laws. Business attorneys are well-versed in both rural and urban laws, and they have a comprehensive understanding of business regulations and the operating structures of business in their geographical area.

Having access to quality legal counsel — and advice pertinent to your local regulations — can help businesses to operate with full knowledge of the laws and within the bounds of their specific local area. Business lawyers can also help to provide insightful advice to ensure that new projects are compliant with legislation.

How to Find a Qualified Business Attorney

Given the level of capital and sophistication of many businesses in Chicago, it’s not difficult to find quality legal counsel. There are several different methods to find an attorney, although certain avenues can be more effective than others. The most popular option for modern businesses is to use an online platform, such as UpCounsel.

UpCounsel is one of the leading legal services platforms, providing businesses with access to a vast network of experienced attorneys. Comprised of handpicked attorneys, each of whom has an average of 14 years of experience, the UpCounsel platform is a sensible way to secure quality legal counsel.

Businesses can submit an outline, description, or brief to shorter list preferred attorneys from the UpCounsel marketplace. The marketplace includes a review and rating system, in which businesses can view the feedback and comments left by past clients — allowing businesses to assess the quality of the service offered by specific lawyers. This is an effective way to gauge whether a business lawyer is the right fit.

Qualities of a Good Business Attorney

Scoping out a quality business attorney in Chicago is not as hard as it seems. You’ll want to look for certain qualities in the lawyer you choose. Here are some of the most important for businesses:

-Trustworthiness and Competence: The most important trait of any good business attorney is that you can trust them. This not only applies to their professional skills/competence, but also their character and willingness to protect the interests of your business.

-Fees and Schedule: You should always find out the specifics of the payment terms and schedule of your lawyer. Generally, they expect fortnightly or monthly payments in exchange for their services. It’s a good idea to have a discussion about the terms of payment before committing to any attorney.

-Openness and Communication: Transparency is key to any good attorney-client relationship. It is important that your lawyer is open to conversations and is willing to provide updates and address any of your concerns.

Getting the Most Out of Your Attorney

Once you have found the right business attorney to help your business navigate the complex regulations of Chicago, it’s important to make the most out of the relationship. Establishing a personal connection and trust with your lawyer is essential. There are several best practices you should abide by:

-Check-in Regularly: It’s important to touch base with your lawyer regularly. If you ever have an important question or concern, it’s best to get in touch.

-Provide Documents: Your lawyer cannot provide accurate advice if they do not have the appropriate materials. If required, make sure to provide any documents or other information.

-Discuss Problems in Advance: Before any major project or new business development, always make sure to discuss any potential issues or roadblocks with your attorney.


Hiring business attorneys is an important step for Chicago businesses. From navigating regulations to providing high-level legal advice, the right lawyer can help to protect and grow your business. Finding the right business attorney might take time and patience, but with the help of UpCounsel’s experienced lawyers, you’ll have more access to the legal counsel your business needs.


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