When it comes to handling matters for your company, nothing is more important than ensuring that all of your legal documents are in order. This is especially true when it comes to independent contractor agreements, as they can quickly become the source of an expensive dispute or lawsuit. Not to worry, as there are five primary considerations that can help keep your independent contractor agreements running smoothly in Dallas.

Whether you’re looking to bring on a freelancer for a particular project or are hoping to increase your roster of ongoing contractors, it pays to take the appropriate steps in setting up the terms and conditions of a contract agreement. This is especially true in Dallas, where there are unique and complex laws and regulations governing the dealings between the city, businesses, and workers. By investing in the right legal counsel, you can ensure that your independent contractor agreement is as secure and productive as possible.

The first major concern about any independent contractor agreement is the classification of the contractor. Not every worker fits into the category of an independent contractor perfectly, so making sure that your contractor matches the term as defined by the state will provide valuable protection for both the contracting business and the individual worker. Generally, an independent contractor is seen to be a person who works independently, and is not controlled by the business they are working for. It’s a crucial distinction in the state of Texas, and can affect many of the other factors discussed below.

If you are looking to secure a deal with a contractor in Dallas, the next thing you need to do is ensure that the agreement is enforceable. While it may have taken a good deal of time to write up a contract document that everyone’s happy with, it must be written to ensure that it is legally-binding and able to be enforced, should it ever be necessary. When it comes to forming a contract that is binding, making sure parties sign it and adding in an arbitration clause can both help significantly.

The type of job being discussed in the agreement is also a running theme when it comes to independent contractor agreements. Specifying exactly what work is being discussed and its duration in an agreement is key in creating an enforceable contract. Even if you’re offering fact-to-face work with a contractor, it’s a good practice to document each of the terms in writing –ONE using clear and unambiguous language.

When the contract is being written, it’s natural to focus on the elements of it that relate to finances. These agreements need to be explicit when it comes to establishing different concepts such as pay rates, payment plans, and invoicing for services. Pay special attention to this area, as a poorly written agreement in this scenario may lead to both parties being shortchanged and leave the business open to a lawsuit.

Finally, one of the most important considerations when working with Dallas-based independent contractors is to ensure that taxes and other relevant regulatory requirements are taken into account. Workplace requirements such as minimum wage and benefits outlined in contracts will be different depending on the nature of the employe (contractor/employee). Additionally, making sure that all relevant taxes and insurance costs are addressed is key in keeping operations running smoothly.

Overall, when it comes to ensuring that your independent contractor agreements are up to par in Dallas, it pays to turn to experienced legal counsel to discuss the finer points of the contracts. Business lawyers that understand the local regulations will be in the best position to draft documents that help to protect both parties. UpCounsel is a great option for quickly finding the right lawyer to fit your needs. With its network of experienced attorneys and complete lawyer profiles, you can find the perfect business lawyer for your independent contractor agreement in no time. Plus, UpCounsel’s online budgeting feature helps you to determine the best and most cost-effective way to get the legal help you need.


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