When running a business in the city of Los Angeles, it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations regarding intellectual property. For small business owners, intellectual property is something often overlooked, as they are not familiar with the concepts or its value. In order to protect a business from potential lawsuits, or other disruptions of their operations, understanding intellectual property and the necessary considerations are vital.

This guide will outline the top five considerations to keep in mind for Los Angeles businesses looking for an understanding and representation of intellectual property. Specifically, we will cover the importance of understanding the local regulations and filing the appropriate forms, the need to find experienced and dependable counsel, determining the most cost-effective approach, understanding security issues, and being wary of potential infringement.

1. Understand Local Regulations & File Appropriate Forms

The laws and regulations surrounding intellectual property are quite complex and extensive. There are a variety of methods to protect intellectual property, from copyright laws to patents, and each requires a specific filing process. Should a business neglect to file the appropriate paperwork, they may open themselves up to litigation, or be subject to forced removal or suspension of their services.

When seeking counsel for representation on intellectual property, it is important to ensure they understand the local regulations and can point businesses in the right direction. Ideally, the chosen counsel should be intimately knowledgeable with filing the right forms and documents, to make certain the process is done correctly the first time.

2. Find Experienced & Dependable Counsel

When searching for legal representation, it is critical to identify a dependable counsel that is experienced with the local laws and regulations of intellectual property. A quality lawyer should be able to identify and address potential threats, and work with a business to ensure their products or services are free from potential violations.

In Los Angeles, UpCounsel offers a variety of experienced and dependable attorneys. All of UpCounsel’s lawyers have an extensive background in intellectual property, and offer a wide variety of services. Should a business require short term or long term counsel, UpCounsel offers both a one-time consultation, or the ability to retain an entire freelance legal department on an ongoing basis.

3. Determine the Most Cost-Effective Approach

Intellectual property is a significant expense that can quickly add up if businesses neglect to review the costs. Working with a knowledgeable attorney will ensure businesses are taking the most cost-effective approach possible, when it comes to filing the required forms and documents. Furthermore, an experienced lawyer can work with businesses to determine the most appropriate course of action to protect their products or services.

UpCounsel offers businesses access to high quality attorneys on demand, at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house legal counsel. Furthermore, UpCounsel lawyers often have an average of 14 years of experience in business law, with an extensive background in intellectual property. The UpCounsel platform also offers businesses the ability to review profiles of their online attorneys, to review client ratings and reviews of recent work.

4. Keep in Mind Security Issues

In the age of digital delivery, it is important to consider the potential security issues surrounding intellectual property. Companies must make sure their products and services are secure and protected from potential hacks or other breaches of security. Referencing trusted counsel can provide a renewed perspective on the most effective security measures, and can enlighten businesses to potential threats they did not consider.

5. Be Wary of Potential Infringement

Intellectual property is more than just the immediate product or service. Businesses must also be mindful of potential infringement. Any competitor attempting to imitate a product or service can result in serious legal ramifications, and a cease-and-desist order may be issued. Working with counsel affords businesses the opportunity to review the proper steps in order to protect their intellectual property from any threats of infringement.

The main takeaway

No matter the size of the business, understanding intellectual property is essential for long term success. Companies must seek counsel that understands local regulations and is experienced with filing the appropriate forms and documents. Working with dependable and experienced counsel, such as those on UpCounsel’s platform, could potentially save a business time and money by avoiding costly missteps.

By keeping in mind the need for understanding the local regulations, searching for experienced counsel, taking the most cost-effective approach, reviewing security measures, and remaining alert to potential infringement, businesses can ensure their intellectual property is properly protected.


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