Trademarking a logo is an important part of protecting your brand’s identity. It’s an assurance to the public that you own and control your company’s unique designs and visual representations. For companies based in Chicago, there are some specific considerations to bear in mind when it comes to trademarking a logo. Here, we outline the top 5 things to consider when it comes to trademarking a logo.

1. Understand Federal Trademark Law

The first step in trademarking a logo is to understand federal trademark law. The Lanham Act governs the process of trademark registration, and requires compliance with certain formalities. This includes creating an appropriate mark and making sure that it meets the requirements for trademark eligibility.

2. Do a Thorough Search

Before you can be sure that your mark can be registered, you must search the USPTO database for similar marks. If there are any similar marks, you must determine whether those marks are registered or pending. This search is also important in avoiding infringement, which can lead to expensive litigation.

3. Prepare Your Trademark Application

Once you have done your search, the next step is to prepare your trademark application. This includes providing detailed information about your proposed mark, the goods and services associated with the mark, and the correct filing fee.

4. Hire a Trusted Trademark Attorney

Navigating the complexities of trademark law can be difficult. It’s important to retain a trusted trademark attorney to help with the application process. An experienced attorney can also advise you on which trademark classes and language to use, as well as on any other legal issues related to trademarks.

5. Monitor the Trademark

Once the application is filed, it will go through a series of reviews and evaluations. If approved, your trademark will be registered. Once registered, it’s important to monitor the mark for potential infringements. If a similar mark is used, you may need to take legal action to protect your mark.

Trademarking a logo can be a complex process. Businesses in Chicago need to be aware of the specific considerations related to trademark law in the area, and should seek out expertise from a trusted professional. Hiring a reliable trademark attorney will help to ensure that the process is handled correctly. With the right counsel, companies in Chicago can successfully trademark their logos and protect their brands from potential misuse.