Los Angeles is a hub of entrepreneurship and corporate activity. As businesses grow, their legal needs expand, but not all entities have the capacity to staff in-house legal teams. The availability of online attorneys offers attorneys the ability to bring on experienced counsel to tackle difficult and time-consuming tasks without the overhead. Whether you need help with a contract review, trademarking, or multiple other legal needs, there are now more options than ever for finding law assistance online.

By exploring high-quality options like UpCounsel, business owners in Los Angeles have access to experienced online attorneys who understand local regulations and can provide quick yet comprehensive legal guidance. In this article, we'll discuss how to get started utilizing the services of an online attorney, and how businesses in the City of Angels can find and retain the best legal help available.

Understanding the Type of Legal Help You Need

Before beginning your search for an online attorney, the first step is understanding the type of legal assistance you require. Depending on the size of your business and what legal matters you face, that may range from one-time consults to full-service expectations or even preventative advice.

Your goal should be understanding the scope of the work, the time and resources necessary, and the timeline for achieving your objectives. Having clarity on this information will help in the search process and provide critical direction for the online attorney.

For example, if you require one-time assistance with a contract review, you can meet with the potential attorneys online and ask them to provide their evaluation of the project. If you wish to have a full-service legal team, then you should talk to a few options and make sure they have a thorough understanding of the scope of your business.

How to Vet Online Attorneys

The selection process for finding the right attorney for your needs is critical. Even in the online realm, there are many lawyers who specialize in business law, and understanding their qualifications and experiences can help you make the best decision.

The most important part of selecting an online attorney is research. With companies like UpCounsel, you’ll have access to detailed profiles of online attorneys that display ratings and reviews for their recent work. This is an invaluable resource when it comes to understanding the quality and capabilities of the attorneys.

Other key factors that you may want to consider include: the attorney’s cost and billing structure, number of years of experience, educational background, and the attorney's availability. When it comes to corporate legal help, you want to find an attorney who is experienced and understands not only the legal implications of your circumstances, but also the socioeconomic context of the Los Angeles area that could make a difference in your case.

Starting the Relationship with an Online Attorney

Once you have selected an attorney, you'll need to begin the relationship in the most productive way possible. Communication should be as easy and effective as if you were meeting with them in person so always strive to remain courteous, respectful and professional.

First, clearly outline your expectations and goals. Any good partnership starts with a strong understanding of each other's roles and objectives, so continue to refer back to this information throughout these proceedings.

To foster a productive working relationship, it's essential to share all relevant background information and supporting materials with your attorney. Remember that a good attorney will need to understand the context of the legal issues that you are dealing with. Outline any questions that you have for them and request a response that outlines their opinion, as well as a timeline, so that you can better manage your expectations about the work.

Retaining and Managing an Online Attorney

When you have finished the project, you may also require advice on how to retain and manage your online attorney in the long-term. Once again, simply having an understanding of the scope of your work from the beginning will help both you and the attorney to plan for the future.

If you opt to continue working with your online attorney on further projects, it will become easier to understand the attorney's strengths and use them to your advantage. You should also evaluate the attorney’s progress at regular intervals and provide feedback - this will help build the relationship and ensure that the attorney is mindful of your goals and preferences.

Concluding remarks

Using an online attorney is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of various sizes. Ensuring you do your research, fully understand the scope of the work, and communicate effectively with the attorney sets you up for success in working with a good online lawyer. The experienced attorneys offered by UpCounsel are ready to provide top-notch legal services that can help your business become even more successful.


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