When it comes to legal matters, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even with seemingly straightforward cases, like quit claim, it is important to understand the nuances of the law and the available options. For anyone in or near Los Angeles, CA, things can be especially tough, as local regulations can add an extra layer of complexity.

No matter your legal situation, it is crucial to understand the process in its entirety—everything from how to begin to possible outcomes. To get a better understanding of quit claim as it pertains to Los Angeles, here is a run down of what you need to do before, during, and after filing your claim.

What is Quit Claim?

In its most basic form, quit claim is a type of legal document that can be used to transfer titles, interests, or rights of certain properties. The document also serves a way to make matters of property information public; a means of recording information in the public record. When it is used properly, quit claim is effective in ensuring that a permissible transfer of interest is made in a legally sound way.

The most common uses of quit claim are in instances of financing real estate or settling estates. In either scenario, a bi-lateral change of interest is transferred to a person who is specified in the document.

Preparing to File Quit Claim

When preparing to file your claim, the most important step is to get clear and comprehensive information on the parties involved. You need to know of all parties involved—including their name, address, and details of their rights and interests—for the document to be effective.

In Los Angeles, there are specific types of documents that the county requires you to provide to prove the proprietorship. These documents can vary, but some examples would include a letter of ownership or a lengthy statement that speaks to the interest that each party involved has in the property.

It is also important to remember that quit claim cannot be used to transfer title or interest in scenarios of fraud or otherwise illegal matters. This also includes any times where two parties are in disagreement regarding the right of ownership.

Filing Quit Claim

After you have thoroughly collected and prepared all the necessary documents, the next step is to file your claim with the county. In Los Angeles County, the filing of quit claim can be done electronically and it will be saved in the county database.

Filing your claim can be done through the county’s website or in the county clerk’s office. To file electronically and pay the appropriate filing fees, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer. The process of transferring the documents to the county’s website might require you to sign a form with an electronic signature.

When it comes to county clerk’s office, most people opt to do the filing in person as they will be guided on what documents are needed. The fee for processing your paperwork is usually around $20, but do confirm beforehand.

After Filing Quit Claim

After you have filed the quit claim, the document will be recorded and saved for future reference. This means that the county has legally documented the change in ownership and interest of the property.

In California, the quit claim document can also be used to record liens on real estate, thus making it easier to resolve disputes and establish the legal possession of property.

It is important to remember that quit claim is only effective in settling any disputes that happen before a document has been officially filed. Once a document has been filed and processed, it is legally binding and cannot be overturned.

Finding the Right Attorney for Quit Claim

When dealing with legal matters, it is important to talk with an experienced professional. Finding the right attorney for the job can be especially tricky if you are unfamiliar with the local laws and regulations of Los Angeles.

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Final thoughts

Quit claim is an important document that can be used to transfer titles, interests, or rights of certain property, but it is important to make sure that it is filed in a legally sound way. Preparing for the paperwork, filing, and understanding the process are all important steps in understanding the process before getting the help of a lawyer.

For anybody in Los Angeles, finding a lawyer to help with the process of quit claim can be daunting, but sites like UpCounsel make it easier. With high quality lawyers dedicated to providing authentic and legal guidance, you can trust that the process is in safe hands.


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