For businesses located in Los Angeles, protecting valuable ideas, products, or technology with a patent is a smart move. Securing a patent right away is tricky though, requiring a complex filing process called “patent pending” that only an experienced attorney can help navigate. Unfortunately, finding the right legal counsel that understands the local regulations of Los Angeles can be a daunting task — but it doesn’t have to be. This article will discuss the process of patent pending in Los Angeles and how to get started.

In the United States, patent law is established and regulated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to the USPTO, a patent pending is the application for a patent that “represents one of the most important documents in the history of an invention and may be critical to obtaining a valid patent.” A patent pending is the first step to fully patenting a product or idea, and is an important move for the protection of valuable intellectual property, especially when done in Los Angeles.

The patent pending process can be broken down into six major steps. First, it’s important to research and understand applicable patent law in the United States and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), if applicable. Second, filing an application with the USPTO is required. Third, the USPTO should conduct a basic search to ensure the patent does not already exist for the same idea. Fourth, after the patent is examined and approved, it will enter the “patent pending” stage. Fifth, the USPTO looks more closely at patent claims. Lastly, the USPTO may either reject or accept the patent once again. The entire process typically takes several months to complete but may take longer if any issues arise.

In addition to filing paperwork with the USPTO, there are certain steps that businesses in Los Angeles can take to help ensure the patent pending process goes as smoothly as possible. Attend a patent-related seminar to become better informed about the pitfalls of patenting an invention, for starters. Secondly, work with a registered patent attorney in Los Angeles, as they know how to best navigate USPTO regulations and local patent laws in Los Angeles. Third, thoroughly analyze any prior patents and closely review the patent claims with care. Lastly, consider updating the patent attorney if any changes are made to the original invention.

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Once all the necessary paperwork is filed and accepted, businesses in Los Angeles should feel confident that their valuable intellectual property is protected. Through the help of a trusted and capable attorney, Los Angeles businesses can trust that their patent pending process is in good hands.


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