Getting started on an LLC in Georgia can seem overwhelming; however, it is possible to get started on an LLC in the Peach State with the right counsel. Especially if you are located in Chicago and want counsel familiar with local regulations, there are several options available.

The first step in forming an LLC in Georgia is filing the articles of organization with the office of the Secretary of State. Georgia requires all LLCs to name a registered agent whose job is to accept legal documents for service in the state. The agent must have a physical address in the state and be on call during business hours. After you have identified the agent, gather all the required information and complete the Articles of Organization. The filing fee for the Articles is $100 at the time of this writing.

Once the Articles have been filed and accepted, the LLC is recognized under Georgia law. You will need to designate a registered office and a certain type of manager for your LLC, both of which must be listed in the Articles of Organization. You should also draft a certain type of operating agreement for your LLC.

After the LLC is formed, the business will need to obtain certain licenses and permits specific to the type of business it will conduct. For example, if the LLC will engage in the sale of alcohol, you must register for a license with the Georgia Department of Revenue. You may also need to file with the IRS to acquire an Employer Identification Number in order for the business to pay taxes at the federal and state levels.

Finally, the LLC must also adhere to several ongoing requirements. These may include filing annual reports, appointing members to the LLC board of directors, and setting up accounting systems for the business.

Ultimately, forming an LLC in Georgia can be a lengthy process if you don’t have the proper legal counsel. To ensure that your business complies with all state regulations, it is recommended that you look for an experienced lawyer that understands local regulations and has experience in forming LLCs in the state. If you’re based in Chicago, you have many options available. With UpCounsel, businesses of all sizes can access experienced attorneys on demand. The attorneys’ profiles display client ratings and reviews of recent work so you can make an informed decision on your attorney selection.