When you are hiring in Dallas, it is important to have an employment contract template set up to ensure everything is above the board and legally binding. An employment contract template should include details such as working hours, job descriptions, job titles, job duties, remuneration, benefits, vacation, termination rules, promises, and compliance with applicable laws. To ensure these have been properly negotiated and agreed upon, you should consult a lawyer that specializes in Dallas employment contracts, particularly one that is familiar with any local regulation that might apply. If you are not sure which attorney to work with, here are five key things to consider when developing an employment contract template in Dallas.

1. Understand the Details of the Rule of Employment

When developing an employment contract template in Dallas, it is important to understand the details of the Employment At Will rule. This is the basic rule that states that either the employer or employee can terminate employment, without notice, and without cause. There are some exclusions to this rule that apply if your business is covered by a collective bargaining agreement, for instance, or if you are an employee of the federal government. Understanding these exclusions and any federal and state laws that might supersede this rule, and incorporate them into your employment contract template, is essential.

2. Draft a Non-Compete Clause

A non-compete clause is essential when developing an employment contract template in Dallas. This clause restricts an employee from leaving to work for a competitor, from pursuing a similar type of job elsewhere, or from working in a similar type of business No Non-Compete clauses can only be enforced if they are reasonable in terms of duration, geography, and scope, not overly burdensome for the employee, and relate to the actual job the employee is doing.

3. Include a Severance Provision

If you are creating an employment contract template in Dallas, you should also include a severance provision. This provision outlines the terms and conditions of a severance package in the event that an employee leaves the job prior to the agreed-upon term. This provision should include the terms of payment, when the employee is due those payments, and how long the employee has after leaving to accept the payment.

4. Include a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Another key point to consider when developing an employment contract template in Dallas is the inclusion of a non-disclosure agreement. This is especially important if the employee will have access to confidential or proprietary client information or otherwise handle sensitive data. This agreement should spell out exactly what information the employee can and cannot disclose and the penalties for breaching the agreement.

5. Make Sure All State and Federal Laws are Complied With

Finally, make sure that you are compliant with all state and federal laws when formulating an employment contract template in Dallas. These laws may dictate, for instance, how long breaks should be, when overtime pay must be paid, and employee benefits that must be offered. Failing to comply with the law, or attempting to override state or federal laws, could lead to your business being sued and hefty penalties being imposed.

Developing an employment contract template in Dallas can be a tedious and complicated task, and the best way to approach it is to rely on a specialist lawyer. A qualified legal professional familiar with Dallas employment laws can help you draft an effective contract that meets the needs of both employer and employee, while also complying with local, state, and federal regulations.


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