When dealing with property transfers in Los Angeles, a General Warranty Deed is usually the go-to legal solution. This deed provides the buyer with the maximum legal protections from the seller—it essentially states that the seller both holds a valid title to the property and guarantees that the title is being passed without any liens or encumbrances. All the same, the process of getting started on obtaining a General Warranty Deed can be somewhat daunting if you don’t understand the legal framework.

Fortunately, the legal experts at UpCounsel are professionals with the experience and expertise required to understand the legal landscape of Los Angeles, helping you minimize your risk of getting a problematic deed. Our qualified attorneys' knowledgeable insights and tailored guidance make their ability to solve legal developments unique. Plus, clients can access our dedicated lawyer counselors to secure professional advice quickly and easily.

So to make sure your General Warranty Deed is in order, let’s take a look at the three essential steps you must follow before obtaining the deed.

Step 1: Reading the deed’s general warranty

The first step that must be taken before you get started on the deed-issuing process is understanding the exact terms of the general warranty. The deed’s warranty will specify the warranties that guarantee the legitimacy of the property’s title. Some common warranties in General Warranty Deeds are:

Warranty against liens and encumbrances

Warranty against eviction from past owners

Title insurance

Fraud protection

These warranties are important, as they’re what provide the buyer with legal protection from any claims to the title from prior owners. For this reason, vetting the warranty beforehand is an essential part of the deed-issuing process.

Step 2: Ensuring that the deed is in compliance

The second step is to ensure that the particular deed you’re using is up-to-date and in compliance with all of the Los Angeles-based laws in regards to deeds and property transfers. Many of the forms and documents associated with getting a deed can be a bit of a headache for those without legal expertise to navigate, so having a skilled attorney on hand to provide guidance definitely pays off.

UpCounsel attorneys can assist with all necessary forms and documentation for the deed-issuing process. They’ll make sure all of the forms are in compliance with all the relevant laws, helping to streamline the deed-issuing process while ensuring that the documents at hand won’t cause any potential legal trouble down the line.

Step 3: Enforcing all deed’s warranties

The last step once you’ve obtained your General Warranty Deed is to make sure that all of the warranties specified in the deed are being enforced. Most warranties in General Warranty Deeds not only guarantee legitimacy of the title, but also bound sellers to other stipulations, such as paying a certain amount of insurance or providing all the necessary title and deed documents.

That’s why a qualified attorney from UpCounsel’s network is always available to help guarantee that enforcement of the warranty-related clauses are carried out as stated in the deed, minimizing the potential for legal disputes down the line.

Last reflections

Getting a General Warranty Deed done properly and with minimal risk is a complex task that requires experienced legal professionals with knowledge of the laws of Los Angeles as well as experience in the deed-issuing process. Fortunately, UpCounsel’s team of experienced attorneys are well-equipped to help you not only get the deed-issuing process started, but also make sure the warranty stipulations are properly enforced.


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