In today’s competitive business environment, it is increasingly important for all business owners, regardless of size, to protect their interests when operating a business. Obtaining legal counsel is key to establishing an effective and sound business strategy and to limiting business liability for those who may choose do business together as a LLC, a partnership, or another entity. If you’re in Dallas and are looking for experienced legal counsel to help you navigate the complexities of contract law and any additional regulations relevant to your business’ operations, you must obtain an operating agreement. Here’s how to get started.

An operating agreement is an agreement among the members of a business entity (corporations, LLCs, partnerships, etc.) that outlines the rights, responsibilities, and liabilities of each individual member. Operating agreements are not just important documents, they are essential agreements that provide members of a business entity with an understanding of their obligations, limits, and rights. In addition, most states now require LLCs to have an operating agreement and failure to comply can result in fines, penalties, and other problems.

When you’re first looking to get started with an operating agreement, it’s best to find an experienced lawyer who can guide you throughout the process. This is especially true in Dallas, because Texas has highly specific business regulations and laws that are best navigated with experienced legal counsel. Finding a good lawyer can be tricky, but UpCounsel is a great resource for Dallas-based business owners who need help getting started with an operating agreement.

UpCounsel offers access to a unique network of experienced attorneys who specialize in contract law, business law, LLC formation, and much more. With UpCounsel you can always count on personalized assistance and highly relevant legal advice, no matter what size or stage your business is in. UpCounsel enables business owners to easily find an experienced lawyer who meets their legal needs, whether they’re looking for one-time consult or a full-fledged legal department. Plus, UpCounsel’s online attorney profiles feature reviews and ratings of their previous work, so it’s easy to find someone you can trust.

Drawing up an effective operating agreement can be an intimidating process, but having access to experienced legal counsel throughout the process should provide you with the confidence you need to ensure that your business is operating as it should and that the rights, obligations and responsibilities of each member are laid out in detail. So, if you’re looking for an experienced legal counsel for your operating agreement in Dallas, rely on UpCounsel to find the perfect lawyer for your specific needs.


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