When you’re ready to hire an individual or freelancer to work on a project for your business, an independent contractor agreement is essential to protect you both. The agreement outlines the terms of the arrangement to make sure that everyone understands the roles, responsibilities, and expectations required to complete the project. Operating under the right contract can help you to avoid potential disputes down the road.

However, drafting an independent contractor agreement can be complex. In addition to understanding the details of the work itself, you must establish an agreement that complies with both federal and local regulations. The stipulations of the contract should also reflect the specifics of your situation, as not all contracts are one-size-fits-all. If you are based in Dallas and are looking for counsel that understands local regulations, then UpCounsel is the perfect fit. They offer a vast network of experienced attorneys who provide high-quality, cost-effective services appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

Top Considerations When Drafting An Independent Contractor Agreement

Before working with UpCounsel or another attorney to get your independent contractor agreement in writing, here are a few things to consider:

Establish Clear and Reasonable Contract Terms

The agreement should stipulate everything clearly and precisely, from the terms of the project itself to the payment. You must also include the timelines and different steps of the process, such as payment schedules and deliverables. Additionally, any fees and/or penalties associated with late submission of deliverables should also be included in the terms.

Identify What Constitutes An Employee

The agreement should also establish whether or not the contracted individual is considered as an employee or an independent contractor. This is a fundamental element of any contract, as there are different regulations and requirements for each. Having an independent contractor, or any contractor for that matter, is not a right or a privilege. You must provide a contract in writing to assure that both parties accept the terms set forth.

Specify Who Will Bear the Costs of Payments

When it comes to the payment structure, the contract should outline who will bear the costs associated. This can include taxes, insurance, retirement benefits, and any other associated expenses. It’s important to establish who is responsible for payments and ensure that both parties agree.

Benefits of Working with UpCounsel

When it comes to drafting an independent contractor agreement, you want to make sure that you are working with an experienced attorney who understands both federal and local regulations. At UpCounsel, you have access to attorneys from a variety of backgrounds who have been rated and reviewed by clients. Whether you need a one-time consult or an entire freelance legal department, UpCounsel’s network of experienced lawyers has you covered.

From small businesses to the Fortune 1000, groundbreaking companies of all sizes trust UpCounsel and its attorney community to provide high quality, cost-effective legal services. Additionally, UpCounsel provides all the necessary documents required to get your independent contractor agreement written, approved, and filed.

Rather than hiring expensive lawyers and attorneys, UpCounsel will allow you to gain access to experienced attorneys on demand. Business attorneys on UpCounsel have an average of 14 years of experience, and the profiles of their online attorneys display ratings and reviews of their recent work.


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