If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you need to issue an eviction notice, you’re not alone. With the current circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic, eviction cases in cities around the country are on the rise. Eviction notices are an important tool for landlords to use to establish their right to take appropriate legal action against tenants to recover rental payments or to gain possession of a rental property.

The eviction process requires the landlord to give notice to a tenant, and how the notice is issued is very important. In Los Angeles and elsewhere around the state of California, there are specific notice requirements a landlord must follow for the eviction process to be legal. Properly issuing an eviction notice is necessary to ensure tenants receive proper notice and landlords are able to enforce their rights.

This article provides an in-depth overview of the eviction process in Los Angeles and how to get started with an eviction notice. We will discuss the basics of issuing eviction notices, the specific requirements of an eviction notice in Los Angeles, and the legal services available to help landlords issue lawful and effective notices.

The Basics of Eviction Notices

An eviction notice is a document that, when served to a tenant, serves as an official warning of a landlord's intention to file a lawsuit and seek an eviction order in court. An eviction notice is the first step to taking legal action against a tenant and can be a crucial part of a landlord’s rental agreement enforcement strategy.

When serving an eviction notice to a tenant, it should be done in person and not through the mail. It is also a good idea to make sure someone at the rental property sees the document being served to the tenant. The landlord should also keep a copy of the eviction notice with a file dated the day it was served for legal record purposes.

Eviction Notice Requirements in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, eviction notice requirements are governed by California law. An eviction notice must include the following basic information:

Names of both the landlord and the tenant

The rental property’s address

Exact date of filing of the eviction notice

Reason for the eviction

Time period for compliance with the eviction notice’s instructions

Proper signature of landlord or agent of landlord

Any additional local laws or regulations

In Los Angeles, an eviction notice must be in writing, typed or printed and clearly readable. It must include the necessary information outlined above as well as any other applicable information. The landlord is also required to provide a copy of the rental agreement or other applicable document showing the current rent owed.

Once the eviction notice has been created, the landlord or their agent must deliver it personally to the tenant. The tenant must sign a receipt acknowledging they have received the eviction notice, and a copy of the signed receipt should be retained for legal records.

Legal Services for Eviction Notices in Los Angeles

Given the complicated nature of eviction notices in Los Angeles, utilizing a legal service to ensure the eviction notice is created and served properly is often a good idea. UpCounsel is one of the most reliable legal services in the Los Angeles area for those who need a one-time consultation or an entire freelance legal team.

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If you need legal help creating and serving an eviction notice in Los Angeles, consider UpCounsel as a resource for all your legal needs. UpCounsel can assist with the entire process, from consulting on the creation of a legal eviction notice to the filing and enforcement of a court-issued eviction order.


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