As businesses in Chicago get more complicated, one of the most essential tools for an executive looking for legal support is a partnership agreement template. After all, the city may be known for its bright lights and memorable skyline, but there’s also a complex legal system to contend with. Fortunately, with the right template in hand, entrepreneurs can rest assured that their interests are protected.

What is a Partnership Agreement Template?

A partnership agreement template is a legally-binding document that outlines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of each partner. In essence, it’s a “contract” between the parties that defines the relationship between them. The document is usually written by a business lawyer who understands the unique nuances of local regulations governing such agreements.

In a typical partnership, the agreement outlines such matters as each partner’s contribution, profit sharing, and management responsibilities, as well as what will happen if one partner leaves or wishes to retire. The basics are discussed in its preamble, such as the date the business will begin and the name of the partnership. Most importantly, it should articulate the relationship between the partners, what limitations, if any, will be placed on the authority of the parties, and arbitration proceedings for any disputes.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Given the intricacies of local regulations, it’s always wise to consult with an attorney who understands the law. The typical agreement includes the “buy-sell” provision, which should cover what happens in the event that one partner dies or wishes to sell his or her interest in the business. Other issues that must be addressed include withdrawal of cash, investments to pay down debt, loans taken out, and rights of first refusal on partner admission or transfer.

Not only should your attorney help prepare the document, but they also should provide advice on how to avoid, deal with, and prevent disputes. More importantly, a good attorney can help ensure that local laws are followed, and educate the parties on their respective rights and responsibilities under the partnership agreement.

Attorneys on UpCounsel

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Making sure that you have the necessary legal documents in order is essential for any business operating in Chicago. A partnership agreement template can help your business flourish and give your partners assurance that everyone is on the same page. And with the help of an experienced attorney on UpCounsel, you can rest assured that your pursuits will be protected.


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