With the judicial complexities of contract law today, it can be hard to make sense of the legal jargon often associated with them. One such phrase is “define indemnify,” which has a direct and measurable impact upon the instructions of a contractual agreement.

Define indemnify is a phrase within a contract that refers to a specific clause that may be viewed to define the extent of the party's liabilities. When it comes to contracts, indemnity is a clause that is used to release a party from any liability that could be caused by another party that the first is a signatory. Indemnity is beneficial because it ensures that if one party is someone to bear the financial burden, the other party may be protected.

When attempting to understand define indemnify, it is important to consider the procedures and regulations governing the contract that is signed. Generally, those in the state of California must follow Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) §1-201(39) that helps to define different types of indemnification within the state. While it is understood that the indemnity clause should be used to clarify the parties’ liabilities, some forms of indemnity clauses are prohibited in the state of California, including indemnification of damages caused by the party’s negligence.

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In summary, while defining indemnify can be a difficult task due to the legalities often associated with the phrase, it is important to understand the legal limitations of what is permissible and what may be prohibited by law based on the state. In the case of California, those seeking legal advice on such matters should consider experienced lawyers, such as those found through the UpCounsel platform, that are available on-demand and have experience dealing with corporations of diverse sizes.


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