Obtaining a Power of Attorney (POA) in the city of Los Angeles can come with its own set of complexities and obstacles. A POA is a legal document that grants an individual the ability to act on someone’s behalf in a legal or financial capacity; with the POA, the person who is authorized to act can make decisions according to the grantor’s wishes. Additionally, the POA may be restricted to certain specific aspects of the grantor’s life that are drawn up in the document. When obtaining a POA in Los Angeles, there are various important factors to consider before seeking an attorney to help facilitate the document.

What is Included in a POA?

The specific details that are included in a POA can vary, depending upon the specific type of POA that is being created, as well as the requirements of the grantor. Generally, a POA document will include information that details the extent of the grantor’s authority, the responsibilities that the person granted the POA will be expected to manage, and a mandate for the person to act in the grantor’s best interest. In Los Angeles, a POA must also be notarized and contain language that is consistent with the California Probate Code.

When is a POA Necessary?

A POA is important in many cases where an individual needs someone to act on their behalf. For example, if the grantor has become incapacitated due to a medical condition or is unable to handle their own financial affairs, the POA can be used to designate a responsible person to manage the grantor’s affairs and make decisions in their best interest. Additionally, an individual might use a POA to manage different aspects of their health care, or to designate someone to manage their investments in their place.

Selecting a Los Angeles-Based Attorney

When someone is looking to obtain a POA in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, it is important to select an attorney that is experienced in local law and in the field of guardianship or estate planning. A local attorney should have a clear understanding of the county rules and regulations that apply to POA documents, as well as the notarization requirements that must be met in Los Angeles for a POA to be legally-binding. Additionally, when selecting an attorney it is helpful to check their credentials, licensing, and references from colleagues or former clients.

Where to Find Resources in Los Angeles

When seeking an attorney to help facilitate a POA in Los Angeles, one option is to utilize an attorney search program suchas UpCounsel. UpCounsel’s network of experienced lawyers provides businesses of all sizes access to high quality attorneys, with profiles of the online attorneys displaying client ratings and reviews of recent work. Additionally, UpCounsel’s attorneys have an average of 14 years of experience, ensuring those seeking legal aid in Los Angeles receive reliable and comprehensive resources.

Concluding concepts

Obtaining a POA in Los Angeles can be a complex process, due to the county’s various regulations and notarization requirements. By understanding the components of a POA, recognizing when a POA is necessary, selecting a lawyer experienced in Los Angeles county law, and utilizing a reliable attorney search tool such as UpCounsel, those looking to obtain a POA can ensure that the legal document is properly and securely generated.


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