Every day, entrepreneurs in the greater Los Angeles area ask the same question: how do I get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for my business? An EIN is a tax identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify businesses throughout the United States. This number is used to identify specific companies for income tax reporting and other special purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get an EIN, the costs associated with obtaining an EIN, and how to find experienced business attorneys in Los Angeles who can help you through the process.

What is an EIN?

An EIN is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS and used to identify a business for filing taxes, obtaining business licenses, opening bank accounts, and creating contracts with vendors. Like a Social Security number, an EIN is used to track and report business revenue and withholding taxes. It is important for entrepreneurs in Los Angeles to obtain an EIN for their businesses to enable a streamlined and effortless tax process.

Does my Business Need an EIN?

Businesses in Los Angeles may need an EIN if they are:

Employing people;

Having a business bank account;

Paying independent contractors;

Selling products or services subject to sales tax;

Operating a business as a trust, partnership, multi-member LLC, or corporation;

Filing for an employer tax ID number or business tax return; or

Making taxes a major part of their business (for example - a restaurant or retail shop).

The most important question to ask is whether your business is liable for any type of filing for tax liabilities. If you are unsure, it may be best to consult with a business attorney near you.

How to Get an EIN in Los Angeles

Obtaining an EIN involves selecting an entity from the IRS Entity Classification form and submitting an application. The process may be completed in about 15 minutes online, or you can have a qualified business attorney near you in Los Angeles help you through the process.

    Go to the IRS website and select the “Apply For An EIN” button.

    Begin the online application. You will first be required to provide your business information.

    Complete the form. You will need to provide your name, address, date of business formation, type of taxes your business is liable for, and other information.

    Check the box to confirm that you are authorized to work with the business.

    Provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) as the Responsible Party.

    File the application and submit payment. The application fee is typically $275 for a nonprofit organization. All other applications are free.

After submitting the form, you will be assigned a unique nine-digit EIN number that you can use to identify your business for tax and other purposes.

Can I Hire a Business Attorney in Los Angeles to Help Me With the EIN Process?

Yes. The process of obtaining an EIN may be a difficult one, and you may need some help in order to complete the application and understand the requirements. A qualified business attorney can help you go through the process quickly and accurately, and you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is done correctly and ethically.

At UpCounsel, we understand how complicated and time-consuming the EIN process can be. We have a network of experienced business attorneys in Los Angeles who are ready to help you with the EIN process. Our business attorneys are experienced in handling everything from formation, contracts, compliance, and taxes. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area and offer cost-efficient, reliable legal services.


Applying for an EIN is essential for business owners in the Los Angeles area. Whether you intend to hire employees, open a business bank account, or work with independent contractors, you will need an EIN. If you are unsure of the process or what entity type is right for you, you can contact an experienced business attorney who operates in Los Angeles to simplify the process.

At UpCounsel, we have a network of experienced business attorneys who can help you with EIN filings and any other legal matters. Our attorneys have years of experience in handling tax forms, asset protection, corporations, business trademarks, LLCs, and more. We can help make the process of obtaining an EIN seamless and streamlined, so you can focus on your business.



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