As a business executive in New York, you may have many questions when it comes to finding the right legal counsel. Along with complex local regulations and emerging legal issues, you need to trust your legal counsel is knowledgeable, available, and experienced serving businesses like yours.

That’s why UpCounsel is the go-to source for any business executive looking for legal advice simultaneously responsive to their unique needs and the context of their location. From lawyers with an average 14 years of experience to a highly rated network of established legal departments, here are the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers for UpCounsel’s business lawyers operating in New York.

1. What Kind of Business Lawyers Does UpCounsel Provide?

When you partner with UpCounsel, you get up to 60 lawyers — including attorneys with transactional experience and specialized skills — across all 50 US states. Whether it’s an experienced general counsel or a firm with multi-state practice, UpCounsel offers top-of-the line lawyer-on-demand services to ensure you have legal counsel that understands your issues and the nuances of local legislation.

2. How Do I Obtain Legal Services With UpCounsel?

After setting up an account with UpCounsel, you can submit a project description through the online marketplace. Our algorithm will then generate the best legal professionals for you to review. You set the hourly rate for the project, and then you can hire the attorney you believe will best serve your interests.

After that, UpCounsel will curate a team of outside attorneys from its network of over 20,000 lawyers, allowing you to access specialized skills in areas such as gaming and corporate finance. Our 24/7 virtual law firm automates the onboarding process, provides project management resources, and ensures an efficient, short-term project engagement.

3. What Advantages Does UpCounsel Offer Businesses in New York?

Because of its commitment to offer services that are tailored to its clients’ needs, UpCounsel allows businesses in New York to trust it with its legal matters.

Though New York has an extensive number of regulations, it is less complex than other states, making it an ideal location for companies to thrive. UpCounsel can provide New York-based businesses with the best lawyers who understand how to navigate local regulations, protect their client’s interests, and keep up-to-date with changing laws.

UpCounsel also offers legal services to businesses located outside of New York, allowing them to benefit from the extensive and varying expertise provided by UpCounsel’s lawyer pool.

4. Are UpCounsel’s Lawyers Experienced?

Yes — all of UpCounsel’s lawyers have an average of 14 years of experience. With an emphasis on quality, UpCounsel vets all of its attorneys based on a variety of criteria, including their education, ratings, and reviews.

Additionally, all of UpCounsel’s business lawyers have completed comprehensive onboarding, including 18 hours of training, that allows them to work on various legal projects. All of UpCounsel’s lawyers are paid on an hourly basis and typically bill through our platform.

5. What If I Have Other Questions About UpCounsel?

UpCounsel is always available to provide more information and to answer any questions you have about our services. You can contact us directly through the website, via email [email protected], or by calling customer service at 800-742-7649.

In summary

When searching for legal counsel, local regulations can pose a unique set of complexities. That’s why UpCounsel is committed to providing exceptional legal services tailored to businesses in New York and businesses located outside of New York. With an average 14 years of experience and a highly rated pool of attorneys, our network of lawyers ensures your unique needs are met quickly and easily.


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