Scorpions are one of the most feared pests in the world, and these eight-legged arachnids can challenge even the bravest of homeowners. Even well-seasoned exterminators often find that scorpions require a bit of extra effort to keep out of the home. This is especially true in the Chicago area, where certain regulations are in place to ensure that scorpions do not become an issue in local homes and businesses. Knowing the laws and regulations can help when it comes time to protect your home from scorpion infestations. Below, we'll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Chicago's scorpion regulations.

What Types Of Regulations Cover Scorpion Control in Chicago?

In Chicago, the primary regulation that pertains to scorpions is the City and County of Chicago C.C. § 7.5-30. This regulation states that any person who wishes to control, exterminate, or otherwise dispose of scorpions in the Chicago area must first obtain a valid permit from the Department of Public Health and Safety. This permit outlines the guidelines and restrictions for scorpion control in the city and county, and helps to ensure that scorpions are not spread through the area. These restrictions are designed to protect the public from possible infestations that could cause illnesses, damage, or tremendous disruptions in daily life.

Are There Any Special Rules For Businesses In The Chicago Area?

Yes. Businesses in Chicago must adhere to a few additional regulations regarding scorpion control. For starters, restaurants, institutions, and other similar businesses must register with the Department of Public Health and Safety before conducting any type of exterminating service in the city and county. In addition, these businesses must post signs warning people of the potential danger of scorpions, and provide their employees with protective clothing and equipment when performing any pest control or extermination services. This helps to ensure that employees and customers are safe from any potential risks presented by scorpions in the Chicago area.

Are There Any Rules Regarding The Use Of Insecticides Or Baits For Scorpion Control?

Yes. The Chicago Department of Public Health and Safety has a few restrictions on the use of insecticides or baits for scorpion control. First, the insecticide or bait used must be specifically labeled as safe for use on scorpions. In addition, the application of the insecticide or bait must be conducted by a professional exterminator who is certified and licensed to use these materials in the Chicago area. Finally, any unused material must be properly disposed of in order to prevent any further contamination or spread of scorpion infestations in the city and county.

Are There Any Other Options For Pest Control That Do Not Involve The Use Of Chemicals?

Yes. Some homeowners and businesses in Chicago opt for more organic pest control methods to keep scorpions and other pests out of their homes and businesses. These methods include installing window screens, adding caulk to vulnerable areas, and using natural, organic repellents such as cedar oil or garlic juice. While these methods might be less effective than chemical-based pest control methods, they may be sufficient to keep scorpions out of the home or business.


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