When dealing with legal contracts, a release of liability form can be an important document for any business to have in place. A release of liability form can help to protect a business from any potential lawsuits or claims should something go wrong. For those who are based in Los Angeles, understanding the different components of such a document and how it can help protect your business is essential. This article will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about release of liability forms, and how an experienced business lawyer here in Los Angeles can help to ensure that you have all of your bases covered.

What Is a Release of Liability Form?

A release of liability form is a contract between two parties that waives or disclaims any form of liability that could arise from the actions of one party. It is common for such forms to be used in high-risk activities, such as sports clubs or in regards to professional services, such as the services of a lawyer or doctor. The form does not relieve one party from liability for gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Importantly, release of liability forms are not legally binding in the state of California if the injured party is a minor. To be legally binding, the legal guardians (normally the parents of the minor) must also sign the form.

What Should I Include in a Release of Liability Form?

The components of a release of liability form can vary based on the specific needs of the parties involved. Generally, a release of liability form will include:

-The names of both parties and their contacts details

-A clear explanation of the purpose of the contract

-A statement waiving or disclaiming liability

-An acknowledgment of understanding by both parties

-Signatures from both parties

It is important to be extremely clear when writing the waiver or disclaimer of liability. You should also include specifics regarding any particular type of activity or service that is covered by the release of liability form, and not to go into too much detail so as to create any ambiguous or contested language.

What Happens If My Release of Liability Form Is Challenged?

In some cases, a release of liability form could be challenged in court. This could include the parties involved trying to argue that the language used in the form is too vague or obscure to be legally binding. To reduce the risk of this, it is important to include clear and concise language in the form that accurately reflects the legal and commercial entities of your business. An experienced lawyer in Los Angeles can help you to ensure that the form is drafted correctly, and is robustly written to help ensure that it stands up in court, should the need ever arise.

What Other Benefits Can I Gain From a Release of Liability Form?

Having a release of liability form in place can also provide your business with other benefits. By signing a release of liability form, both parties signal their intention to conduct the activity or services in good faith.

퐍ot only does this set a positive tone between the parties involved, but it also demonstrates an acknowledgment of legal responsibilities and pulls attention to potential risks involved. It can also serve as a useful document should disputes arise at a later stage, as it is a publicly available record that can be used as evidence in court.


Having a release of liability form in place can provide your business with a number of legal protections and benefits. However, ensuring that such a form is drafted correctly and robustly is essential. Seeking the counsel of an experienced business lawyer in Los Angeles can help to make sure that the form is correctly drafted to reflect your business’ specific needs.


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