Getting a good handle on your company’s legal needs is essential for a successful business, especially in a competitive marketplace. When two or more parties decide to join forces and do business together, a partnership agreement can put the terms and conditions of that arrangement in writing. A well-crafted partnership agreement will not only spell out the legal framework of the relationship, but also give each party a better understanding of what roles they’ll be expected to play.

A partnership agreement template makes it easy to create a comprehensive document that answers all of the key questions a business partnership may have. It’s an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and companies of all sizes, particularly when there’s a need to enlist the help of an experienced attorney. Here’s a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about partnership agreement templates.

What’s Included in a Partnership Agreement Template?

A partnership agreement template establishes the legal foundation of a business relationship and outlines what is expected of each partner. It typically includes the names of the parties, a legal description of the business, the partners’ ownership interests and partnership capital contributions, details regarding managing the business, and provisions for termination or dissolution of the partnership. Depending on the needs of the partners, additional topics can also be addressed in the agreement, such as indemnification clauses, non-compete clauses, dispute resolution procedures, and more.

When Should I Use a Partnership Agreement Template?

A partnership agreement is an indispensable document for any business arrangement that involves two or more parties. Whether it’s a business partnership, a joint venture, or a merger, a partnership agreement template can provide an outlet to officially define the parameters of the relationship.

What if I Don’t Have a Quality Partnership Agreement Template?

When crafting a partnership agreement, it’s often wise to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that the document meets all applicable legal standards. If you’re in Los Angeles, UpCounsel’s network of attorneys is well-versed in providing legal guidance in business partnerships and contract negotiation. Our experienced attorneys are available on-demand and are ready to help you from the drafting stage of your partnership agreement all the way through to its completion.

Are Partnership Agreement Templates Flexible?

Partnership agreements are typically pretty flexible, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating them. A skilled attorney can help you tailor the agreement to the specific needs of your business and put proper provisions into the document that reflect the nature of the partnership.

Is a Partnership Agreement Template a Formal Contract?

A partnership agreement – depending on the nature of the agreement – can easily become a formal contract. Of course, each state has its own requirements for creating enforceable contracts, so it’s best to reach out to an experienced attorney who can advise you as to the best way to approach the document in order to ensure compliance with the law.


Partnership agreements are vital for any business relationship involving two or more parties, as they help ensure that all parties are in agreement as to the terms and conditions of their working relationship. UpCounsel’s network of attorneys is well-versed in a range of legal matters related to business partnerships, and our experienced attorneys can help you draft and negotiate a quality partnership agreement that fits the needs of your business.


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