Non-compete agreements are legal documents used to protect a company's sensitive competitive information and its proprietary business advantages. Such agreements can provide consumer protection by eliminating the possibility of unfair competition from former employees - especially those with extensive knowledge of a company's policies and practices, and those who are already familiar with the specifics of their industry. However, since these types of agreements often restrict employee mobility, they can can also limit a person's career choices and earning potential.

While non-compete agreements are fairly common in the US, different states have their own laws about them. As such, it's important to understand the regulations in the state where the agreement was made, in this case Los Angeles. Here are some frequently asked questions about non-compete agreements in LA:

What Are the Conditions of a Non-Compete Agreement in Los Angeles?

A non-compete agreement in Los Angeles must be reasonable to be legally enforced. It must have a limited geographic scope and duration, as well as a legitimate business purpose. Most states prohibit contracts that would unduly interfere with an employee's professional experiences. Generally speaking, LA-specific non-compete agreements must not include any unfair terms that greatly limit the employee’s future career prospects.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Non-Compete Agreement in Los angeles?

It is advised to have a lawyer review any contracts or agreements that you may consider entering into. This is especially true for non-compete agreements. The process of drafting and reviewing a non-compete agreement in LA is complex, and may require consultation with a local business lawyer that has experience in the matter.

Are Non-Compete Agreements in Los Angeles Enforceable?

In Los Angeles, non-compete agreements are generally enforceable if they are reasonable in scope, purpose, and duration. Non-compete agreements must meet the requirements of California's Unfair Competition Law, which governs non-compete agreements in the state. Furthermore, they can only be enforced if they are signed by the contracting parties; employers and employees, or contractors and businesses.

What Can Happen if I Violate a Non-Compete Agreement in Los Angeles?

If a party violates a non-compete agreement in Los Angeles, the other side can pursue legal action in the form of a lawsuit in order to collect damages or seek an injunction. An injunction is an order issued by a court that requires the violating party to stop any sort of activity that breaches the agreement.


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