Understanding LLC Operating Agreements in Dallas

When a limited liability company (LLC) is formed, developing a valid operating agreement should be one of the first items on your task list. Completing an operating agreement is essential to ensuring that the business is run appropriately, in compliance with applicable local and federal laws, and to the benefit of all members. But since LLC operating agreements can be complex documents that vary depending on your location and LLC size, many business owners have questions about completing or updating their existing operating agreements. If you’re located in Dallas, Texas and need help understanding LLC operating agreements, this guide will provide the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

What Is an LLC Operating Agreement?

An LLC operating agreement is a contract between LLC members that outlines the rules and regulations of the company’s operations. The agreement can either be written by the individual members, or through an outside legal consultant. This document covers essential details such as the responsibilities of each member and management structure, all of which must comply with specific state regulations.

Do I Need an LLC Operating Agreement in Dallas?

If you’re located in Dallas, you are required to have an LLC operating agreement. When forming an LLC in Texas, the Texas Business Organizations Code states that any organization formed with two or more members must complete a written operating agreement. As you complete the agreement, each term and provision must adhere to state requirements, such as for Texas LLCs to notify other members at least 15 days prior to making amendments to the operating agreement.

What Rules Do I Need to Include in the Operating Agreement?

The most important factors will depend on the specific needs of your LLC. Generally speaking, however, all LLCs must include the following:

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Management Types and Regulations

Capital and Profit Allocation Plan

Termination and Dissolution Regulations

Fiduciary Duties

Tax Deductions and Structuring

What Else Should I Consider Before Creating An LLC Operating Agreement?

LLC operating agreements can have a large impact on the business’ operations and management structure. Before creating an agreement, make sure that you’ve consulted with a legally-trained attorney to make sure that the document is in compliance with local and state regulations in Dallas. Furthermore, if you’re looking for someone to help you manage or update your LLC operating agreement in the future, engaged a legal professional from a legal platform like UpCounsel.com. This platform provides access to attorneys with an average of 14 years of experience, along with client ratings and reviews of their recent work


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