Launching a successful business in Dallas requires a great logo, and to ensure that your logo is protected from misuse and infringement, trademarking it is important. When it comes to the world of trademarks and intellectual property, much of the process carries a bunch of intimidating unknowns. From who is responsible for filing trademarks to how to ensure that what you want to trademark is able to be protected, there are many questions that business owners have that are frequently asked. Here is a breakdown of the essential information that every business owner needs to know about how to trademark their logo in Dallas.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a sign or symbol that represents an individual, company, or product such as a brand name, logo, slogan, or a combination of these elements. A trademark registration is filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and provides protection to the owner of the trademark for the specific goods or services in which it is used. This protection significantly reduces or prevents the possibility that another entity could use and/or copy the particular trademark for similar goods or services without permission.

Who Needs Trademark Protection?

Businesses that are small within Dallas or those that operate nationally, both have the same need for trademark registration of their name, logo, or slogan. Trademarks are particularly important for companies who need to protect a product or service’s identity that offers a competitive edge in the market. This includes anything from a brand name, symbol, logo, slogan, or a combination of any of these elements. Many businesses, regardless of size, are now seeking to obtain trademark registration from the USPTO to protect names, logos, and slogans from being copied or used by other companies.

What Can be Trademarked?

To obtain a trademark registration, an individual or business must register an identification of goods or services that defines the item or service being protected. This description may include a number of words, symbols or graphics that make up a product's or service’s identity. For instance, a clothing company in Dallas could register a name such as “J.D. Fashions” as well as its logo or symbol.

Where Do I Start the Trademark Registration Process?

Start your trademark registration process by filing an application with the USPTO online or by mail. The USPTO website provides valuable information and assistance to make the process easier for a business to understand. Additionally, many businesses in Dallas make use of a local attorney that focuses its practice on intellectual property or trademark law, to help make the process less confusing. The attorney can help with selecting the correct form for the trademark registration and can provide services related to trademark search and registration, as well as potentially provide advice on the best ways to protect the trademark.

What is the Cost of Trademark Registration?

The cost of obtaining a trademark can vary greatly depending on the attorney or service provider filing the application and the complexity and scope of the trademark. Professional fees can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, with additional government fees associated with the application. If a business is already registered as a corporation with the state, they are able to apply for a trademark on their own. There are a variety of self-help applications, such as using the USPTO web-based form which is often the least expensive and quickest option.

Do I Need an Attorney to File for a Trademark?

Filing for a trademark is an important decision that many business owners make for their products or services in Dallas, and having a qualified attorney there to help navigate the process can be important. A trademark attorney can provide advice on a variety of topics related to a trademark registration, including proper wording and strategy of the filing, as well as any preliminary search that might be wise to take. Working with an attorney to ensure your trademark is registered with the greatest specificity and ensuring that it is able to be defended if necessary becomes increasingly important as the scope of a business’ operations expands.

Why Do I Need to Hire an Attorney to Register a Trademark?

An attorney can help with the filing procedure and provide post-registration assistance as needed. In the event of an infringement, an attorney will be able to protect the trademark’s identity. If growing a business, it is important to have an attorney who knows intellectual property laws and their specific application to the business. It is important to understand the long-term consequences of how a trademark is registered and the impact it could have on the brand for years to come. Additional concerns, such as international trademarks, may arise and an attorney can provide timely guidance.

How Can I Find an Attorney to Help Trademark my Logo?

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The trademarking of a logo or brand name has the potential to make or break a business’s reputation. Going through the process alone can leave a business vulnerable to trademark infringement or other risks. Businesses in the Dallas metro area should seriously consider consulting a professional to fully understand and assess the risks associated with launching a business. With the help of a professional, business owners can ensure that their logo or brand is properly registered, defended, and protected. UpCounsel provides experienced counsel that understand local regulations as well as the importance of having a reliable legal team that know local and federal laws. With UpCounsel, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that their logo and brand are legally safe.