Lease agreements are an essential part of the commercial real estate landscape, no matter where you’re located. But when it comes to the city of Chicago, there are certain considerations businesses need to take into account. For successful interactions and transactions with tenants, an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of this particular city is required. To help you stay ahead of the competition, we've prepared a summary of some of the more frequently asked questions regarding free lease agreements in the Windy City.

What are the basics of a lease agreement in Chicago?

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a lessor (the landlord) and lessee (the tenant). It usually includes provisions regarding rent payments, security deposits, and the length of occupancy. It also outlines the conditions of the lease, including responsibility for repairs and maintenance, the terms of termination, and other relevant information. In general, Chicago requires leases to be in writing and signed by both parties.

Are there any special considerations for a free lease agreement in Chicago?

Yes. While all lease agreements require careful consideration, rent-free lease agreements come with additional considerations. The most important of these is the fact that since the tenant isn't paying any rent, the lessor must ensure that the other terms of the Agreement are balanced appropriately. This means that the lessor needs to be prepared to contribute to any repair or maintenance costs, or give the tenant additional benefits as compensation for their lack of rental payments.

Are there any laws that specifically govern rental agreements for commercial properties in Chicago?

Yes. Chicago has a set of specific ordinances for rental agreements for commercial properties in the city. In addition to state laws, these ordinances govern tenants’ protections from eviction, security deposits, length of occupancy, rules for maintenance and repair costs, and more. It’s important to be aware of and follow these laws, and to ensure that the lease agreement is in compliance with them.

What type of counsel is recommended for creating a free lease agreement in Chicago?

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