Trademarking your logo in Los Angeles requires a thorough understanding of local regulations. If you're considering the process, it's wise to seek the counsel of experienced attorneys to assist you with each step of the process. Here, we explore four of the most important steps to trademarking a logo.

Research Availability of the Logo

Researching the availability of a logo is an important first step in the trademarking process. To ensure there are no existing trademarks or pending applications in Los Angeles, you should complete a comprehensive search of the USPTO database. If your logo is similar to another trademarked logo, you risk having your trademark application rejected. If another application is pending, you may need to amend your design to ensure the trademark office accurately identifies it as different from existing marks.

File an Application

The second step in the trademarking process is filing an application. You must submit your application online to the USPTO, providing all relevant information requested in each section. You may need to provide additional documentation regarding the distinctiveness of your logo, support the nature of your services, and provide proof of your intended use.

Receive Notice of Allowance

After your application has been filed, you may receive a Notice of Allowance from the USPTO. This document indicates that a date has been set for your trademark to file an acceptable use statement. This statement is essentially an agreement to use your logo in commerce, which offers you legal recourse if another party uses your brand without your permission.

Make Compliance Periods

The final step in the trademarking process is to submit proper compliance periods. You will need to provide proof to the USPTO every five and ten years that you are using the logo in commerce. During this compliance period, you are required to provide evidence that the logo is in use, such as receipts, advertising materials, and website screenshots. You can provide this evidence either electronically or by mail.

Trademarking a logo in Los Angeles is a complex and often intimidating process. Fortunately, experienced attorneys can help guide you through each step, including research, filing, and compliance filings. It's wise to enlist legal counsel to ensure that your logo is protected under federal law.


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