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Get seen and hired faster through our exclusive marketplace

Attorneys have the ability to choose which clients and projects they’re interested in, and clients select and hire an attorney from the limited number of proposals they receive.

Direct connection to long-term clients

Over 35% of clients re-hire an attorney through UpCounsel so your marketing investment pays off now and well into the future.

Marketing and brand building

We help you standout from the crowd by assisting subscribers with publishing high-impact content reflecting their expertise and then generating guaranteed views from our powerful SEO engine.

Faster payments and collections

By attracting quality clients and structuring payment policies that ensure prompt and complete payments, attorneys get paid lightning fast after invoicing with collections rates of over 99%.

Our marketplace uses technology to grow your practice

Professional services are increasingly moving online. UpCounsel’s technology allows lawyers and clients to quickly connect, seamlessly collaborate on documents and securely transact business.

What Clients use UpCounsel?


Both first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs use UpCounsel to form legal entities, draft initial business contracts, and generally ensure their companies get off the ground with a solid legal framework.


Our startup clients use UpCounsel to manage both their day-to-day needs (contracts, employment, corporate maintenance) as well as more specialized projects like patents, immigration and venture financing.


Our larger enterprise clients often have dedicated legal teams but use UpCounsel to keep up with general overflow work or tap into our broad network for projects that require a very specific degree of expertise.

Lawyers use UpCounsel to streamline their practice

“In addition to the wide array of interesting clients, UpCounsel’s platform allows me to focus my time on things I care about (my clients, my family) instead of worrying about things like marketing and billing. I love that I can exchange messages with a prospective client on my phone while I walk my dog.”

Stay-at-Home Lawyer, working part-time

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I’m a good fit for UpCounsel?

    UpCounsel is primarily designed to serve solo practitioners and individual attorneys at smaller law firms. Our online marketplace services clients seeking legal assistance from US-barred, top-quality attorneys nationwide. Entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners and individuals use UpCounsel to get legal advice and services from qualified attorneys with expertise in a plethora of practice areas, ranging from business/corporate law, immigration, real estate, trademarks, patents, and nearly everything in between. To find out if UpCounsel is right for you, simply sign up and schedule a 15-minute interview with our team.

  • How often do attorney slots open?

    The UpCounsel team is mindful of the marketplace dynamic and ensures there is a healthy balance of clients and attorneys on the marketplace. We limit the number of openings in proportion to the demand we see on the network. This ensures that every attorney has the opportunity to maximize their returns while leveraging the efficiency of UpCounsel’s online transactional platform to reduce operational costs. We strongly encourage attorneys to explore UpCounsel as a way to tap into innovative online legal services and accelerate their growth.

  • How much does UpCounsel Cost?

    UpCounsel membership fees are based on the plan selected by attorneys. Initially attorneys are encouraged to sign up for a 3-month Pilot Subscription, during which we will provide guidance, training, and support to boost your success on the platform. Attorneys retain 100% of their fees on the platform, and there is no revenue fee sharing. UpCounsel does take a fee on each transaction to cover operational costs, including credit card processing, dispute resolution, and other client services. Attorneys have complete control over the rates they charge. The average hourly rate charged by lawyers on UpCounsel is generally between $250 and $600. Over 80% of attorneys that complete our 3-month Pilot Subscriptions end up transitioning onto a yearly membership, reflecting an extremely high satisfaction with their financial and operational results. To learn more about our offerings, sign up today and schedule a 15-minute call with our team.