Choosing the right attorney to help form your business, protect your trademarks, and otherwise legally manage your company is an important decision. For businesses in Chicago looking for counsel specialized in local regulations, UpCounsel is the right fit. Our network of experienced lawyers, serving businesses of all sizes, is guaranteed to provide quality and cost-effective legal services.

Fictitious business names are commonly known as “assumed names” or “trade names.” They are used by sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations to do business without identifying the true owners. A fictitious business name is a brand name or a commercial name that is used by a company to identify itself in the market place. This identity is distinct from that of the individual or individuals who own, manage, or control the company.

The process of creating a fictitious business name involves fulfilling the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where the business is located. Each state or locality may have different regulations, making it important to have an experienced lawyer familiar with local regulations. The procedures and lengths of time required can also vary, so it is best to select an attorney that has the resources and knowledge to complete the process.

At UpCounsel, our network of business attorneys have an average of 14 years of experience. Every attorney within our network has been hand-curated and rigorously evaluated. This enables us to guarantee access to the most qualified legal services available in the country. Our attorneys are skilled in creating and managing fictitious business names. As a testament to our consistent success, profiles of our online attorneys display client ratings and reviews of recent work. Your business is in reliable hands with UpCounsel.

Fictitious business names provide many distinct benefits to businesses. Among them, these names allow small business owners to create a distinct name for their business, protecting their identify and helping them to stand out in the marketplace. Furthermore, businesses are allowed to separate their business finances from their personal finances. This simplifies accounting and other bookkeeping tasks. A fictitious business name can also provide stability in other areas. For instance, the name can remain the same even when the personnel of the business changes.

A fictitious business name can be extremely valuable for businesses. However, the process of creating and managing one can be complex and time-consuming. It is vital to find the right organization that understands the requirements of the jurisdiction where your business is located. UpCounsel is the best fit for businesses in Chicago. Our experienced attorneys have the resources and knowledge to expedite the process.


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