The Los Angeles area is a busy economic and business hub, and employers must be mindful of the legal requirements of setting up an employment contract. Creating a contract may seem reasonable and straightforward, however, California and Los Angeles labor laws are complex. Understanding the legal requirements is the best way to ensure quality employment and employee well-being. To guide employers in creating an employment contract, this article provides frequently asked questions regarding employment contracts in Los Angeles.

What Is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract is a legally binding document that outlines the terms of the relationship between a company and an employee. A valid contract will include information about the employer, employee, job duties, payment, rights, obligations, duties, and other important points of the relationship. It is important to follow all legal requirements when creating an employment contract in Los Angeles to avoid potential disputes and/or lawsuits.

What Are the Requirements for an Employment Contract?

To be legally binding, an employment contract must meet the following requirements:

The contract must be in writing and signed by the employer and employee.

It must outline the job duties, employee responsibilities, job duration, and other important elements.

The contract must include information about wages, compensation, and benefits (if applicable).

The contract must be kept up-to-date and must reflect any changes in the relationship.

The employer and employee must abide by the terms of the contract.

What Should Be Included in an Employment Contract?

The specific requirements of an employment contract in Los Angeles depend on the type and size of business, the number of employees, and the type of job. Some of the most common elements that should be included in an employment agreement are:

Job description.

The start and end date of employment.

Compensation, benefits, and bonuses (if applicable).

Termination and severance procedures.

Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.

Prohibition of unlawful discrimination and harassment.

Expectations for employee performance.

Hours of work and overtime.

Leave policies.

Intellectual property rights and confidentiality.

Laws and regulations that the employer needs to follow.

What Can I Do if My Employee Does Not Abide by the Contract?

If an employee does not abide by the terms of the contract, the employer has the right to take legal action. The first step is to contact the employee and inform them that the breach of contract is unacceptable. The employer should provide evidence of the breach by citing specific sections or language from the contract that the employee may not have followed. The employer may then choose to terminate the contract or attempt to resolve the dispute without costing the employer more money or time.

How Can I Find Legal Professionals in Los Angeles to Help Me Draft an Employment Contract?

To ensure that you have an employment contract that is legally binding and compliant with local and national laws, you should seek the help of a professional. There are a few ways to find experienced legal professionals in Los Angeles.

One option is to contact a business lawyer or law firm specializing in employment law. Most law firms have lawyers that are knowledgeable about the labor laws in the Los Angeles area. They can help you draft an employment contract that is tailored to your needs.

You can also contact UpCounsel, a legal services platform with an experienced network of business lawyers. UpCounsel’s lawyers are easily accessible and have an average of 14 years of experience. Their platform allows you to view their client ratings and reviews, making it easy to find the perfect lawyer for your needs.


Employment contracts are essential for any business in Los Angeles or elsewhere. They provide the necessary agreement between the employer and employee that sets the terms and conditions for the relationship. As such, it is important to ensure that the contract is comprehensive and up-to-date by consulting with a legal professional. As long as an employer meets all the legal requirements and drafts a contract according to labor laws, they can ensure a successful and harmonious business relationship with their employees.


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