A quit claim is typically agreed to when parties are transferring their interest in property. This is the case for a number of reasons, such as divorce, settling a debt, or when property needs to change hands for an estate. Regardless of the reason, there are certain legal implications that parties need to be aware of before signing and issuing such a document - in particular when seeking counsel in Dallas or the surrounding area.

Given the commonality and legally-swaying implications of a quit claim, it is no surprise that there are frequently asked questions. To help anyone looking for answers, here is a list of five of the most common questions about quit claim.

1. Who Can File a Quit Claim?

A quit claim can be issued and signed by anyone with an interest in a piece of property. Generally, these include the property owner, any tenants, additional parties with interest rights, appointees, or any creditors that may have stepped in trying to assert legal authority.

2. What Are The Benefits of a Quit Claim?

A quit claim allows any interested party to relinquish legitimate ownership of a piece of property to another party. It expedites the transfer of property, and allows any party to relinquish their interests in any party. This prevents any disputes or quarrels between individuals that may arise from a transfer of property.

3. What Does a Quit Claim Justify?

A quit claim does not provide any warranties or guarantees of ownership to the receiving party. The form does not transfer any other rights to the property beyond just ownership - such as the right to rent the property, or any responsibility for debts or liens beyond default.

4. What Type of Property Can a Quit Claim Be Used For in the State of Texas?

A quit claim can be issued for any type of property in the State of Texas. This includes real estate, stocks, business shares, investments, and more. It is important to note as well that a quit claim should not be used in Texas to transfer legal guardianship of a minor child - other forms must be used to do this.

5. What Are Necessary Paperworks for a Quit Claim?

The necessary paperworks for a quit claim vary depending on the property in question and the parties involved with the claim. In the State of Texas, typically a quit claim itself must be filled out, depending on the county of jurisdiction. As such, it is important to consult with a Dallas legal counsel that is experienced in the Texas legal system.


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