In today's complex legal environment, an employee handbook is an important tool to ensure that a company is compliant with the law and meets the needs of its employees. A comprehensive employee handbook can help employers provide clear expectations for employee conduct and compliance, while supporting the company's goals and objectives.

For business owners and executives in Los Angeles, finding high-quality counsel to assist them with drafting and finalizing an employee handbook is critical. Accessing experienced lawyers in the area who understand local regulation can be done via UpCounsel, a network of experienced attorneys made available to employers throughout the United States. Whether you need a one-time consultation or an entire freelance legal department, UpCounsel has you covered.

This article provides an overview of the employee handbook template process, explains what should be included in an employee handbook template, and outlines how to find experienced and qualified business attorneys in the Los Angeles area.

What Is an Employee Handbook Template?

An employee handbook template is a detailed document that outlines the company's policies, expectations for employees, and applicable laws. It is a comprehensive source of information used by businesses to ensure compliance and to structure the workplace environment in a way that supports a safe and productive working environment.

Employee handbooks are usually designed and drafted by an experienced human resource attorney. Depending on the type of business, the size of the business, local laws, and applicable regulations, the contents of an employee handbook template will vary. However, there are certain topics that should appear in any employee handbook template.

What Should Be Included in an Employee Handbook Template?

Generally, an employee handbook should include the following topics: company policies, workplace harassment and discrimination, leave and attendance, wage and hour laws, and benefits.

Company policies should include a description of the company, its core values, its expectations for employee conduct, safety protocols, and social media policies.

Policies related to workplace harassment and discrimination should include clear guidelines on the company's zero-tolerance policy, the definition of harassment and discrimination, and detailed information about how complaints and grievances should be reported and addressed.

Leave and attendance policies should include information about vacation, sick leave, and personal days, as well as applicable overtime rules.

Employees should also be aware of wage and hour laws, such as the minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Finally, an employee handbook template should include information about the company's benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other available benefits.

Where Can I Find Experienced Attorneys in the Los Angeles Area to Draft My Employee Handbook?

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