Writing a promissory note is a crucial part of financing a loan or other contractual agreement. Whether you are an individual or business, it's important that you are well-informed of the conditions and legal framework involved with creating a legally-binding promissory note. For those in Los Angeles who are looking to write up a promissory note, here are five top things to consider.

A. Understand Promissory Note Purpose

First and foremost, it is critical to understand the purpose of the promissory note. A promissory note serves as a legal and binding agreement between the borrower and the lender, outlining the amount of and the terms of the loan. It should contain comprehensive details that specify who will be responsible for the loan repayment, how much interest will be charged, and when payments are due. All agreements included in the document must adhere to federal and state laws.

B. Assemble Necessary Documents

In order to initiate a promissory note, the necessary documents must first be acquired and assembled. This includes the terms and conditions of the loan, the loan amount, the extra fees associated such as late payment fees, the payment schedule, the interest rate, and any collateral associated with the loan. It is also important to obtain personal and financial information from both the borrower and the lender such as a driver's license, bank statement, and credit score.

C. Acknowledge and Comply With Laws

It is important to be aware of and comply with California laws when writing up a promissory note. Promissory note documents must adhere to document requirements such as uniform commercial code disclosure and truth-in-lending disclosure statement. Not complying with these standards can lead to potentially severe legal consequences such as invalidation or lack of enforcement in favor of the lender when the borrower fails to repay the loan.

D. Hire an Attorney

When creating a promissory note, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced attorney who can help you understand the complexities of the laws and guide you in your decision-making. An experienced attorney can also identify any issues and provide advice to optimize your agreement to best fit your individual circumstances.

E. Use an Online Legal Services Platform

For those in Los Angeles, the online legal services platform UpCounsel offers the advantage of finding business attorneys with an average of 14 years of experience to provide high quality, cost-effective legal services. UpCounsel’s bodies of experienced lawyers have specialities including business law and loan agreements. The profiles of UpCounsel’s online attorneys also display client ratings and reviews of recent work.

When writing a promissory note in Los Angeles, these five considerations are essential for ensuring a legally-binding agreement that is compliant with federal and state laws. Understanding the purpose of a promissory note can go a long way in protecting both the borrower and the lender from potential legal issues. It is also recommended to hire an experienced attorney and use UpCounsel’s online legal services platform to ensure that all necessary legal steps are taken in order to have an enforceable promissory note agreement.


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