Arbitration is a legal process involving a third-party arbitrator to resolve disputes between two or more parties. In some cases, this process may take the place of a full trial and either the parties must abide by the outcome of the arbitration or they do not. In order to fully understand the process of arbitration, it is important to first understand the definition of an arbitrator and how one might become an arbitrator.

In Los Angeles, as in most jurisdictions in the United States, an arbitrator is a disinterested, professional third-party. These arbitrators have specialized training and experience to help resolve disputes. The process of choosing an arbitrator can be complex and involve various stakeholders, including attorneys, court-appointed facilitators, and the parties themselves. The parties can select an arbitrator either through mutual agreement or the court can assign one. Generally, arbitrators can be categorized into two distinct categories, full-time arbitrators or panel arbitrators.

Full-time arbitrators are usually employed by dispute resolution or arbitration companies or law firms. They are often highly trained and experienced in dispute resolution processes and have legal backgrounds. Panel arbitrators typically consist of professionals from various backgrounds and disciplines who deliver the best outcome for the disputes. They must develop a consensus and employ their knowledge and experience in the process.

Both full-time and panel arbitrators have the same powers and responsibilities. That is, they are responsible for hearing and weighing evidence to reach their decisions. They must provide impartiality and patience throughout the process. The arbitrator's decision is binding and the parties must be prepared to accept it for all agreements. In some cases, an arbitrator's decision is not subject to appeal.

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Closing considerations

To sum up, arbitration is a legal process whereby a third-party arbitrator resolves disputes between two or more parties. The parties select the arbitrator either by mutual agreement or through court-initiated methods. An arbitrator must be a disinterested third-party with specialized training and experience in dispute resolution. Arbitrators must be patient, impartial, and able to weigh evidence to make binding decisions that the parties must accept. For Los Angeles-based businesses, UpCounsel is a great option for obtaining high-quality legal services.



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