Whether you’re preparing to hire employees for your business or just want some additional protections for existing employees, creating an employee handbook template is a great way to protect your business while making your expectations for both you and your employees clear.

If you’re based in Los Angeles, you’ll want to make sure that your template meets the local and state regulations related to employee handbooks, just like with any other applicable regulations. Understanding the nuances of the necessary language is important, so you may want to seek the help of a local greater Los Angeles-area business lawyer.

With the right template, you’ll be ready to cover just about every topic related to the job itself, including the rights and obligations of both the employee and employer. Here’s some guidance on writing an effective employee handbook template for your business, so you can provide your employees with the information they need as well as protect your business every step of the way.

Core Componets of an Employee Handbook Template

Your template, in particular, should at least include the following components in order to cover the over-arching areas of employment that your employees should be aware of:

DataPrivacy and Confidentiality

You'll likely find data privacy and confidentiality provisions to be necessary components of any employee handbook template. Data privacy and confidentiality clauses set the standards for how your employees must handle customer data, third-party information, as well as trade or proprietary secrets that the business may own. The language you include in such a clause should clearly state how data must be handled and should also specify which employee actions could be considered a violation of the policy.

Grievance and Discipline Process

Given the diversity of those who may work for you, you are likely to find it helpful to provide some sort of outline about how to handle misconduct and disputes. Even better, it’s generally recommended that you provide a statement or policy which outlines the different types of disciplinary steps which may be used for serious or subjective violations. Depending on the nature of your business, you may also include a clause about the use of drug testing or other activities.

Benefits and Perks

If you plan to provide employees with benefits or other perks, then it’s important to ensure that these benefits and perks are adequately described in your employee handbook template. This way, employees are fully aware of what they’re entitled to from the start.

Other Standard Policies

Apart from the above, it’s also important to include standard policies related to the job itself. These should include basic information about the job itself, such as work hours, sick leave and vacation policies, as well as social media policy, electronic and workplace policy, and anti-discrimination policies.

Hiring a Lawyer for Professional Guidance

When drafting up your employee handbook template, it’s important to understand the legal nuances of the language and topics included in the template. This is why it’s recommended to hire a Los Angeles-based lawyer with experience in business law to ensure that your template includes all the necessary language, and satisfies the nuances of local law.

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