When it comes to protecting intellectual property, copyright search should be at the top of any corporate executive’s to-do list. Unfortunately, far too often, copyright search is neglected or rushed, leaving a business unprepared for potential legal action from a copyright infringement claim. By learning the basics of copyright search, corporate executives will be better prepared to protect their IP and mitigate the potential legal risks of copyright infringement.

At its core, a copyright search functions by monitoring the internet for any use of a business’s intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, and creative works. Whenever a potential infringement is discovered, the business is notified and can take the necessary steps to protect its rights. For example, the business may send a cease-and-desist letter or take legal action against the copyright infringer.

Before using a copyright search service, however, it is important to know the legal landscape. In the United States, all intellectual property is protected under federal and state law. It is advisable, then, to consult with lawyers who specialize in copyright laws in order to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect your business’s IP.

Most businesses employ a lawyer(s) in-house to manage copyright search and related matters, but this can be an expensive undertaking. Additionally, businesses may not always have the legal resources to properly protect their IP. As such, many companies now rely on online legal services such as UpCounsel, which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the modern digital landscape.

When it comes to copyright protection, UpCounsel is one of the leading services available for corporate executives in New York. Its network of experienced lawyers offer a variety of services to help businesses protect their intellectual property from copyright infringement. They take the guesswork and complexity out of copyright protection and provide high-quality services that can be tailored to fit any business's needs.

From one-time consultations to comprehensive representation, UpCounsel's attorneys are highly experienced and have helped businesses of all sizes protect their intellectual property rights. Although most of the services are provided online, UpCounsel's lawyers are always available for offline consults and ensure that businesses are represented in the most appropriate manner in any legal matter.

In addition to its experienced lawyers, UpCounsel offers an online community and customer-facing service that provides businesses with access to information and resources related to copyright search and other related matters. This gives businesses a deeper understanding of the legal landscape they are operating in and allows them to make informed choices about their IP.

UpCounsel also offers profile pages that display reviews and ratings of its lawyers' work. This helps businesses when selecting an attorney that best fits their needs and ensures that they are getting the highest quality representation possible.

Ultimately, copyright search is an important aspect of protecting intellectual property. Businesses of all sizes must be aware of the legal landscape around copyright protection in order to mitigate the risk of infringement. By utilizing the resources available through services such as UpCounsel, corporate executives can rest assured that their business's intellectual property is in capable hands.


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